The Trial of Job

Job rebukes his wife

2 Reasons Why God Allowed Satan to Test Job

By Li Zhi I believe that everyone knows well the story of Job. When his property was all taken away, his servants were murdered and his children had their lives taken, Job still revered God and shunned evil and didn’t sin with his tips. Moreover, he said a famous saying..

Faith of Job,The Trial of Job

Job touches the sheep

Why Jehovah God Called Job a Perfect Man

By Zheng Mu After several especially hot days, a heavy rain finally came. The leaves of the roadside trees were washed clean by the rain and looked much greener. Cheng’en stood by the window, staring straight outside. He didn’t even perceive that the rainwater drifting in through the slightly open..

Story of Job,The Trial of Job

The Trials Of Job

Why Did Job Curse the Day of His Birth

By Mucheng, China At dusk, a grizzled old man was sitting among the ashes. His bare skin was covered with sore boils and these boils were festering and oozing pus, which was too horrifying. Seen from the look on his face, the old man was extremely grieved but he was..

Faith of Job,The Trial of Job

Job Pray to God

Why God Blessed Job

I always didn’t understand the reason why Job cursed the day of his birth in the midst of trial, but why did God still bless him? Later I got my years of confusion solved in a book, then admired Job even more.

Faith of Job,The Trial of Job

I Would No Longer Misunderstand Job

Many people have many misunderstandings about Job’s testimony in trials and believe that he is not perfect. Are the understandings really right? Let Zhong Xun share his experiential knowledge with you, and you will get the correct answer. By Zhong Xun Since I believed in the Lord, I like reading..

Faith of Job,The Trial of Job

The Truth of Job’s Trials

By Baixue Every brother and sister in the Lord who knows the Scriptures very well is familiar with Job’s trials. In Scripture it is written about him, “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that..

The Trial of Job