Return to God

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Spiritual Warfare

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Seeing Through the Rumors, I Came Back Before God

One day, I switched on my computer and saw that the CCP government was arresting Christians belonging to The Church of Almighty God, and there was a lot of negative publicity on the internet which c...

Confidence in God Helped Me Stand Testimony When My Family Opposed My Belief

The editor’s word: On the path of believing in God, we often encounter different kinds of situations and barriers. Sometimes due to small faith, we’ll be timid and hang back, and don’t know how to cop...

A Story of a Christian’s Experience the Temptations in Her Atheistic College

Atheistic school tempted me to betray God with all means, but God’s miraculous protection made me overcome Satan’s temptations time and again....

A Lost Man Has Returned

In order to live a life of the greatest of the great, I came to U.S. to make my way. Although I suffered a lot over years, gradually I started up a company and possessed a car and a house, living an i...
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Christian in the Workplace

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God’s Protection

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Life Insights

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Why Can’t We Resist the Temptation of Money?

Why can’t we resist the temptation of money? Know the reason behind that to avoid being a money-grubber....

I Rid Myself of Money’s Harm and Live a Happy Life

I Work Desperately to Make Money so I Can Live a Rich Life When I married my husband we were very poor and were often cold-shouldered by others, and I became determined to make more money so that we ...

How I Resolved My Spiritual Emptiness

In the early morning, I sat at my small desk by the window, quietly watching the dance and song video The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan. My heart soared with the melody and I smiled unconscious...

My Christian Awakening: Fame and Gain Are Not the Key to Happiness

Fame and gain are goals that many people chase after their whole lives even though many of us have personally witnessed the plights of others as they endure pain and suffering in a bitter struggle for...
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Persecution Testimonies

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