Christian Testimonies

Seeing Through the Rumors, I Gained Liberation

By A Yan, Hong Kong One day in May of 2017, after school, my son and I went to the park, where I came across three sisters. In contact with them, I found them very kind and I enjoyed talking with them. Then we arranged to meet in the park..

My Experience of Planting Muskmelons – God’s Love and Authority

By Huo Ling In the spring of 2014, we these growers of greenhouse vegetables all discussed which kind of vegetable to plant this year could earn more. Some of them turned to fortune-tellers for help; others went to burn incense and worship Buddha in the temple nearby home, begging that..

I Find the Way of “Sin No More”

By Bai Xinchun I had believed in the Lord Jesus for many years. Before, I often heard the preacher say: “The Lord Jesus has redeemed us from the cross and forgiven all our sins. The Bible says: ‘He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes..

Can You Discern False Christs and False Prophets?

By Xiaoxiao, Japan From my childhood, I followed my mother to go to the church. However, I didn’t truly feel the Lord’s presence until I was in the fifth grade. At that time, my mother went to Taiwan because of her job, and therefore, we met once a year or..

Spiritual Awakening: I No Longer Say, “If …”

By Xiaoju Xinlian wept and complained, “How could I marry you? You are capable of nothing. I can never enjoy a happy life with you in all my life. If …” Her husband sat there in silence, with a helpless look. After her husband went to work, Xinlian sat there..

Learn Forgiveness—A Surprising Gain Brought by a Hard Knot

By Qin Ya, China Qin Ya and Xiaorui have been close friends since high school. Qin Ya’s family lives in favorable conditions and she is the only daughter. Growing up in her parents’ tender love, Qin Ya has formed a domineering and open character, yet she treated Xiaorui wholeheartedly. During..

Too Late to Regret: If There Were Another Chance…

By Xiaocui, China As the saying goes, “Opportunity knocks but once”. Whenever we miss an opportunity, we will say: If there were another chance, I would… If I had another chance, I would definitely study hard so that others would not say to me that “Having no education is really..

The Process of a Preacher Welcoming the Lord’s Coming

By Wang Dan Since my childhood, I had believed in the Lord with my parents. In order to serve the Lord better, at 14, I gave up my study under the encouragement of the Lord’s love and joined the Northeast Youth Fellowship. In the association, many preachers from home and..