The Great Red Dragon Is Too Hateful!

By Li Huiqin

God has long since hated this dark society to the marrow, gnashing his teeth. He is impatient to trample with his feet upon this ancient serpent, which is guilty of the most heinous crimes, making it never have a chance to rise again, not allowing it to entrap man again, not forgiving its past, not allowing it to deceive man anymore, and settling with it all its sins throughout the ages one by one. God will not let this arch-criminal off, and will exterminate it completely!” Whenever I read this passage of God’s word, I always felt somewhat sorry for it. This was because, after I believed in God, I not only did not suffer the persecution of the country but I received the salary paid by the country while performing my duty in God’s family. Isn’t this a very good thing? Why does God hate the great red dragon so much and even want to exterminate it completely? So, I never could hate it. Yet, in an experience, the fact made me sincerely convinced. I truly saw the detestableness of the ugly features of the brutal and inhuman great red dragon, and also tasted God’s hardships in working on earth.

On the afternoon of April 23, 2003, I had just finished a phone call when suddenly a white minivan blocked my way. From the van got off three policemen, and without allowing me to speak they forcibly pushed me into the minivan and took me to the public security bureau. In the interrogation room, they kept on questioning me about the matters of my belief in God. When they saw they couldn’t get what they wanted from my mouth, they put me to torture. They fiercely and ruthlessly turned my left arm backward from my lower left side and gave it a strong upward push with one leg, and turned my right arm backward from my upper right side and gave it a strong downward pull, and then they handcuffed my wrists together. Immediately, I felt a tearing pain in my arms; my left arm, in particular, hurt sharply as if it were broken. The intense pain made me cry out loudly. When I was tortured to the point of being almost faint, they released me from the handcuffs, and put me into the lock-up. There I saw six sisters who believed in God were also detained. They had also been beaten black and blue, which was too awful to look at.

Later, in another interrogation, one of the sisters was pressed down on the ground by six young policemen, and they took turns whipping her furiously with a leather belt. The group of wolfish policemen tortured the sister to the point of dying and her whole body was badly bruised…. In those few days, I witnessed the brutal and inhuman tortures one after another. I could hardly believe that they were true, but all these indeed were facts I saw with my eyes. Recalling my former knowledge, I remembered these words of God: “It is no wonder that God is incarnated in an extremely hidden way. In such a dark society where the devils are brutal and inhuman, how could the king of devils that kills without blinking an eye, allow the lovely, kind, and holy God to exist? How could it clap and cheer for God’s coming? … The so-called freedom of religious belief and civil legal rights and interests are all the tricks to cover up their evil! … Why hinder God’s work to a watertight extent? Why use all kinds of tricks to deceive the people of God? Where are the true freedom and the legal rights and interests? Where is justice? Where is consolation? Where is warmth? Why use schemes to cheat the people of God? Why forcibly suppress the coming of God? Why disallow God to freely stroll on the earth created by himself? Why hunt God so much so that he has no place to lay his head? Where is the warmth of the human world? Where is the welcome of the human world? Why leave God expecting anxiously? Why leave God calling out again and again? Why make God worry about his beloved Son? Why do the dark society and the bedraggled watchdogs not allow God to freely come to and leave the world created by him?” At the moment, I felt from the bottom of my heart that every word of God is the true fact. Extremely remorseful, I bowed down before God and wept bitterly and incessantly. I silently confessed to God in my heart: O God! I was so ignorant and blind that I was deceived all the time by such humbug of the great red dragon as “the freedom of religious belief and the freedom of human rights….” I always had doubts about your words of disclosing the essence of the great red dragon, and I even couldn’t understand why you would exterminate this old devil completely. I was really too ignorant. If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes the brutal and inhuman persecution of the great red dragon, I would never have believed that this band of devils should be so hypocritical, horrible, cruel, and inhuman, and even less would I have realized the sufferings you undergo in your incarnation. Today in such a circumstance, I have distinguished between good and evil, seen your beauty and kindness, seen the ugly and wicked features of the great red dragon, and also experienced your hardships in working in China, an atheistic country. I hate myself for being deeply corrupted by satan. My whole being is defiled with the poisons of the great red dragon, and I am so deceived by it that I confused white with black, right with wrong. O God! It is your uplifting of me that today I can undergo such sufferings together with Christ. I will rely on the strength you give me to break through the suppression of the power of darkness; even if I have to be in prison all my life, I will hold the testimony, rebel against this old satan, hate what you hate, and love what you love. In the rest of my life, I will contribute my share to satisfy you and be a created being truly after your heart.

God’s Word

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