Christian in the Workplace

The Life in the Fast Food Restaurant—God Changed Me

By An Qi, China At night, a bright moon, hanging in the dark blue sky, was shining. The moonlight laid across the surface of the water at the edge of the city, which seemed like a silver ribbon, silent and deep. With brilliant light fading from the city, the deserted..

Learn to Be Honest in the Business of Selling Clothes

by Xinyu Why Is It Difficult to Be Honest in Real Life? When I started my clothing business, it didn’t sell well. At that time, many people in my line of work had purchased house and car one after another. It really made me distressed: We do the same business...

A Christian’s Experience of Hunting Job—Learning to Wait

by Liang Xin For a young person who is about to enter into society after graduation, the biggest trouble he has to face is job hunting. Indeed, there are many enterprises and public institutions in today’s society. There seems to be lots of job opportunities. But the number of the..

An Experience of Repentance: The Day I Obtained Release

by Congxin I was born in a poor family which is in a remote mountain village. To bring my two brothers and me up, my parents were heavily in debt, thus my neighbors all looked down on us. After dropping out at the age of fourteen, I worked from dawn..