How I Easily Got a Job Abroad Without Experience

By Xing Yue, Italy “Hello, please can I ask whether your restaurant is hiring any staff at the moment?” “Can you speak a foreign language? Do you have work experience?” “No, sorry,

Relying on God, I Find a Good Job

By Chaoyang, Canada “Trust in Jehovah with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5–6). ——E

Workplace Management: How to Improve Staff Management and Work Efficiency

By Rufu, Malaysia When mentioning a “superior,” I think that quite a few people will think of the words “strict” and “demanding.” I also used to think that a superior should be strict w

Stop Chasing Money and Find the True Meaning of Life

By Zhao Zhen, United States Recently, I saw online a couple of phrases that are very popular nowadays: “Live for money, die for money, run after money all your life; lose because of money, be dup

Through Relying on God, I Have Overcome Difficulties at Work

By Jiawen, China In July this year, after graduation from university, I was employed by an advertising agency as a planner. In today’s fiercely competitive society, I deeply knew that it was due to

I Witness God’s Sovereignty in Finding Work

By Dingding, China “Are you like me, who work hard silently in sweat under the sun? Are you like me, who will not give up pursuing the desired life even when faced with cold shoulders? …” Every

God’s Words Help Me Jump Out of the Trap of Sin

By Lizhu As the catering business became more and more difficult, my husband and I discussed turning to a new industry and looked for other ways to earn money. Later, I learned from my niece that rec

Witness in the Workplace: Being an Honest Person, She Glorifies God and Benefits People

She made a resolution that she would practice being an honest person according to God’s words in job hunting and live out the likeness of a Christian to bring glory to God and bear witness to God

After I Practice God’s Words in My Work …

The two naughty kids she babysitted made her feel agitated and distressed. After she prayed and sought and practiced according to God’s words, the two kids became sweet and sensible.

A Photographer Living by Relying on God

When a photographer shot in hostile environments, God’s words led him and gave him faith. In experience he felt the authority and power of God’s words.