Christian Videos

Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”

This video, which is full of positive energy, uses a long take to display how to pass on the act of kindness. We can get the message that the author wants to tell us: Once everyone keeps good thoughts and shows their own concern, love will be passed on. The..

The True Light Appears (Full Movie) – The Good News From God

Movie Description: Gangqiang is a Christian. He saw how great is the Lord’s love of man and His pity for man, and he resolved many times that he would love the Lord, satisfy the Lord, implement the word of the Lord, and conduct himself as a person praised by the..

Who’s Nailing God to the Cross Again? (Full Movie)

Movie Description: Gu Shoucheng is a pastor in a house church in China. He has believed in the Lord for many years, and has been working consistently on his sermons, and he has been all over preaching the gospel. He has been arrested and imprisoned because of preaching the gospel,..

A Rebirth (Full Movie)

 Movie Description: Her name is Zheng Lu, and since childhood, she has been especially proud. Because of her social environment and traditional educational culture, she studied tirelessly, hoping to get into university and realize her dream of outperforming her peers and becoming successful, but an unexpected accident shattered her..

Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

 This short film presents our attitude to matters. Sometimes, we often jump to conclusions before we clearly see the fact of the situation, and even have negative feelings, just like the boy in this short film. Since he gets no reply from the girl, he becomes angry and judges..

In The Fall - Why Do We Feel Empty

In The Fall – Why Do We Feel Empty

"In the fall" this short film struck me deeply. If the best bits of my entire life really flashes before my eyes in my last moments, I may share the same life as the man in this short film, living in plenty but feeling very empty inside, Let's reveal the reason of empty life and find the value and meaning of our life.