Christian Play "The Old Man and the Child" | Persecution and Hardship Strengthens Their Faith in God

42,099 |August 13, 2021

In 2008, the Chinese Communist Party begins frantically suppressing religious beliefs under the guise of "stabilization." Large numbers of Christians are jailed and tortured, and many are forced to leave their homes to go into hiding, unable to go back. Zhang Zhizhong, an elderly brother, is designated as a priority target for arrest by the Chinese Communist Party for sharing the gospel and hosting church members in his home. The entire family is forced to go on the run to evade CCP arrest. When they can't get their hands on Zhang Zhizhong, CCP officials search his home and detain his brother and children for interrogation. They also freeze his pension funds, cutting him off from his living. His situation becomes ever-more perilous and difficult as he is constantly on the run with his young grandson, without a stable place to live. Then in 2010, the CCP once again uses an excuse, this time a census, to make a national sweep to search for and arrest Christians. With nowhere left to go, Zhang Zhizhong and his grandson are forced to hide out in a mountain cave, braving the midwinter cold. How do they get through the CCP's inhuman pursuit and persecution? Please watch the stage play The Old Man and the Child.

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