Is It Heresy to Depart From the Bible?

By Liuyi, South Korea In the wake of the disasters, the omens heralding the Lord’s return in the last days have largely now been seen, and many people who yearn for God look forward anxiously to

Is All Scripture Given by Inspiration of God?

By Cheng Cheng Outside of the window, dawn was just breaking; the clock on the wall said it was 5 a.m. As usual, Yang Qing opened her eyes—it has become a kind of her routine to wake up at this h

True Meaning of Revelation 22:18 About Not Adding Things

By Li Qing One day, I was reading the Bible in the house when Sister Zheng suddenly came to visit me. She said happily: “Sister Li, I came here today to tell you some good news—the Lord Jesus,

Are There Any Words of God Outside the Bible?

By Zhongxin In the study, Muxun, Fu Rong and Si’en were studying the Bible together … Muxun said, “Sisters, I have a question that I’d like to ask. Ever since I started to believe in the

Is Everything in the Bible God’s Word?

By Xi En, United States The Bible is Christianity’s canon, the foundation for our faith. Since we’ve believed in the Lord, each of us has had a Bible. We read the Bible frequently and cherish

Why Do Almighty God’s Work and Word Exceed the Bible?

Hello Brother Xiaoyang, After your bearing witness to Almighty God’s work of the last days for me, I have watched many gospel movies, videos and songs, and artistic performances on The Church of

Is All of God’s Word Really in the Bible

By Siyu, China Han Zheng, sitting at her writing desk, was reading the word of the Lord Jesus softly, “My sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27). Then, she frowned, as if recollecting something, and t

How to Approach the Bible?

By Chen Feng, China At a corner of a park, there stands an octagonal pavilion. Every morning, a young man would sit in it reading the Bible carefully, and an old man would go to the park for a walk

Who Are the Authors of the Bible?

By Liu Xin Like most of the brothers and sisters in the Lord, I have read the Bible over and over again all these years. Gradually, I fell in love with the Bible. Reading the Bible, memorizing the Bi

Why Are There Errors in the Bible? The Truth Has Changed Me

I came across some errors in the Bible once I read the Bible. After understanding the inside story of the Bible, I changed my attitude toward the Bible.