Bible Prophecies

Bible Study: A Discussion of the True Meaning of Rapture

By Ye Zhiqiu Wang Lan is an important co-worker of a certain Local Church. Seeing that the Lord Jesus didn’t come back in 2000, many brothers and sisters had become cold in faith and love since then, and didn’t attend meetings. Although she preached and worked everywhere out of courtesy,..

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Bible Study

Why Did Satan Tempt Jesus? – Christians Need to Know

By Xiaoxin, China Every time I read from the scriptures about Satan tempting the Lord Jesus, I would ponder why Satan did so. Especially when I read the following verses, I would be rather bewildered: “Again, the devil takes him up into an exceeding high mountain, and shows him all..

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Questions & Answers

A Study of Matthew 19:14 The Way of Becoming as Little Children
Hot Discussion: Once Saved ≠ Always Saved
Rapture – Do Paul’s Words Speak For The Lord Jesus?
Are We Saved Thoroughly by Faith Alone? What Bible Says About Being Saved?
I Understand the Standard for Entering the Kingdom of Heaven
Is Justification by Faith Alone? Only by Doing Righteousness Can We Be Justified

Marriage & Family

Spiritual Awakening: I No Longer Say, “If …”

By Xiaoju Xinlian wept and complained, “How could I marry you? You are capable of nothing. I can never enjoy a happy life with you in all my life. If …” Her husband sat there in silence, with a helpless look. After her husband went to work, Xinlian sat there..

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Christian in the Workplace

The Life in the Fast Food Restaurant—God Changed Me

By An Qi, China At night, a bright moon, hanging in the dark blue sky, was shining. The moonlight laid across the surface of the water at the edge of the city, which seemed like a silver ribbon, silent and deep. With brilliant light fading from the city, the deserted..

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Following God’s Footprints

Christian Videos

“From the Jaws of Death” – A 78-Year-Old Christian Experience the Miracle of God in the Persecution
The Transformation of a Young Addict—My Reflections on the Film Child, Come Back Home!
The True Love of God (With Lyrics) – Praise God For His Love
All People Live in God’s Light (With Lyrics)- Christian Praise Song
My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom – Found the Path to the Kingdom of Heaven
“A Wandering Heart Comes Home” – Find the Right Direction in Life