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Why Does God Take Names, and Why Does God’s Name Change?
Which Words in the Bible Are God’s words?
Why Is God’s Work Beyond the Bible
What Is Truly Doing God’s Will?
Investigate God’s Name: Jesus and Jehovah
My Wrong Opinions About the Bible

Marriage & Family

Successful Marriage Needs Tolerance and Understanding

She didn’t have too many requirements for her husband after understanding God’s will. Instead, they came to tolerate and understand each other and have a happy marriage.

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Following God

Christian Videos

The Stakeout – Christian Skit – Who Has Forced Christians to Leave Home and Live in Exile
Starving for Fear of Choking – Christian Skit – Why Can’t Foolish Virgins Meet the Lord’s Return?
God’s Love Brings Us Close Together (With Lyrics) – Praise and Worship Song
My Beloved, Please Wait for Me (With Lyrics) – Christian Music Video -Long for the Love of God Forever
Follow the Holy Spirit’s New Work and Gain God’s Praise (With Lyrics)- English Christian Songs
An Uncertain Return – Christian Musical Drama – Who Breaks Up the Christian Family

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