Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus
Why Did the Lord Jesus Appear to People for Forty Days After Resurrection?

When the Lord Jesus was born, He was hunted down by King Herod, enduring sufferings for thirty-three years in His whole life and worked for three and a half years. He saved man out of the bonds of the law and be nailed to the cross. He had finished the..

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Bible Prophecies

Bible Prophecy about Mark of the Beast

Bible Prophecy about Mark of the Beast Here are the Bible prophecy about the Mark of the Beast to help us understand God’s requirements, watch our footsteps and avoid being punished. You are welcome to use our Bible Verses By Topics page to quickly find verses about popular topics. Revelation 13:15-18 And..

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Bible Study

How Many Aspects of God’s Disposition Do You Know

When the Lord Jesus showed His mercy and forbearance toward mankind, we can feel His merciful and compassionate disposition; when the Lord Jesus cursed and condemned the Pharisees, do you feel His majestic and wrathful disposition?

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Questions & Answers

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Following God

Christian Videos

The Absurdity of the Chinese Communist Party Condemning Religious Belief as Feudal Superstition
The Chinese Communist Party Uses Science to Deny God’s Rule. Is This a Blessing or a Curse?
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