Incarnation of God

Incarnation of God
New Gospel Movie | Know the Incarnate God | “The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel”

Lin Bo’en had believed in the Lord for decades and was a senior preacher. Ever since his acceptance of Almighty God, Christ of the last days, he had been confronted with the condemnation and rejection of the pastors, elders, and antichrist forces in the religious world and was eventually expelled..

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God’s Plan of Salvation

Almighty God Reveals Mysteries of the Six-thousand-year Management Plan

The Lord Jesus revealed the mystery of the kingdom of heaven. When Almighty God comes, He reveals all the mysteries about God’s six-thousand-year management of mankind. From the mysteries disclosed by Him, have you recognized Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus? Please watch this clip. Gospel Movie “Waiting” (7)

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God’s Judgment

Judgment Before the Great White Throne Begins

How does God do the work of judgment in the last days? What exactly is the work of judgment before the great white throne? Do you know? Gospel Movie clip “Caught the Last Train” (4) Chen Peng was a pastor in a house church. He had burden for the church..

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Questions & Answers

The Difference Between Worship of God and of Idols
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Why Does God Mourn for Mankind?
Are The Truths in the Bible Already Complete?
Are There Any Errors in the Bible?


God Is Right by My Side

Guozi    United States I was born into a Christian family, and both my grandmother and my mother are Christians. When I was one year old, my mother accepted the work of Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus, which was strongly opposed by my grandmother. In my childhood, I remember, my..

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The Transformation of a Teacher

Fan Lin Introduction: Fan Lin is a teacher. Since the first day she set foot in the classroom, she has made a resolution inwardly to be a paragon of virtue and learning, to devote her entire life to education, to expend all of her painstaking efforts on children selflessly. However,..

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Follow God


To Bear Witness for God Is Man’s Duty
Christ Is the Incarnate God Himself
Gospel Movie “The City Will be Overthrown” | Flee From Religious Babylon the Great
Gospel Movie Trailer “My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom”
The Authority and Significance of God’s Incarnation
God’s Love