Faith and Life

My Experience of Planting Muskmelons – God’s Love and Authority

By Huo Ling In the spring of 2014, we these growers of greenhouse vegetables all discussed which kind of vegetable to plant this year could earn more. Some of them turned to fortune-tellers for help; others went to burn incense and worship Buddha in the temple nearby home, begging that..

Too Late to Regret: If There Were Another Chance…

By Xiaocui, China As the saying goes, “Opportunity knocks but once”. Whenever we miss an opportunity, we will say: If there were another chance, I would… If I had another chance, I would definitely study hard so that others would not say to me that “Having no education is really..

Living Not in Vain – Light of Life Ministries

By Feifei, China One day, a friend of mine told me a joke: A white cookie asked a black cookie why he was so black. The black cookie replied, “Because I don’t want to live in vain.” (In Chinese, “in vain” and “white” have the same pronunciation but different meanings.)..

Knowing God From Bees

By Wu Ming, China In my childhood, as my father liked raising bees, I always saw him, wearing a mask, tending bees carefully beside the hive in front of our house. While my sisters and I didn’t dare come near to them, for once we got stung by them, the..

How to Get Far Away From the City of Desire – Live a Happy Life

In the age which puts great emphasis on personal appearance, many people spare no expense to pursue the physical beauty. They buy cosmetics in the same style of stars crazily and wear the latest fashions and hair in the fashion of stars. Although gratifying the cravings of their flesh, they..

Reflection on a Story: The Mountain is No Longer An Obstacle to My Home

By Yueyue The foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains “The foolish old man removes the mountains”, is well known by many people in China since childhood. Today, the protagonist causes an argument: Is he a fool or not? Both sides stick to their opinions. Pro: Where should he put the..

The Secret to Man’s Intelligence?

Some people say that “human wisdom comes from the body’s three major organs: hand + eye + brain. “What is the true source of human wisdom? By Zhang Cheng There was a little girl who was less than four feet tall. She had been thinking: My name was given by..

Belief Isn’t Equal To True Faith in God

by Jiejing, United States Mentioning my belief in God, it was really God’s arrangement, wise and wonderful. I came to America in June of 2013, then I found several jobs of looking after the aged, who were all believers in Jesus. Later, with some things to deal with, I went..

God’s Creation: Four Seasons of Rotation

When we spend the years in the alternations of four seasons, enjoying different harvests that each season brings to us, have you ever thought how the distinctive spring, summer, autumn and winter came into being? What power dominates and rules over the alternations between them? Is it really the original..