Faith and Life

Goodbye, My Life of Conspicuous Consumption

To compare herself with others, she went after brand products and then was in financial crisis and health crisis. Through reading God’s words, she is no longer comparing herself with others and live a much easier life than before.

When Dreams Beyond Your Ability….

People have many dreams, but they will suffer a lot of pain when fail to fulfill their dreams. How can we stop complaining after our dreams don’t come true?

God’s Words Led Me to Real Freedom

I thought that my ideal life was created by my own hands, but the unsatisfied reality made me miserable and hopeless. After reading God’s words, I realized that obeying God’s sovereignty and arrangements is the best human life.

Failed in Cosmetic Surgery, How to Get Over the Pain?

She got a cosmetic surgery for a better appearance, but 2 years later, the coming problem with her nose made her live in agony and regret. Then how did she get over the pain of the failed cosmetic surgery at last?