Why Can’t We Resist the Temptation of Money?

Why can’t we resist the temptation of money? Know the reason behind that to avoid being a money-grubber.

How to Live a Meaningful Life in This Short Life

By Xiaoling Editor’s Note: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). These words

I Rid Myself of Money’s Harm and Live a Happy Life

By Xiao’ai I Work Desperately to Make Money so I Can Live a Rich Life When I married my husband we were very poor and were often cold-shouldered by others, and I became determined to make more mon

No Longer a Slave to Money, I Have a True Life

By Youxin There being no clouds in the blue sky, I was standing in the yard enjoying the sunshine and feeling particularly happy. I thought back on the past several decades, how in order to make ot

Reflection About Life: What Can Bring Us Real Happiness?

By Chen Jiaxi Everyone wishes to have a successful life surrounded by others’ admiration and praise, and we throw everything into this pursuit. But few have ever reflected upon this: What can bri

How I Resolved My Spiritual Emptiness

In the early morning, I sat at my small desk by the window, quietly watching the dance and song video The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan. My heart soared with the melody and I smiled unconscious

My Christian Awakening: Fame and Gain Are Not the Key to Happiness

Fame and gain are goals that many people chase after their whole lives even though many of us have personally witnessed the plights of others as they endure pain and suffering in a bitter struggle for

Only by Putting Aside Fame and Fortune Can We Live a Truly Meaningful Life

By Zihan, United States Sitting before my father’s sickbed and watching him with tubes all over his body, I felt heartbroken: Yesterday he could still walk, but now he just lies in the bed awaiti

God’s Wonderful Creation: Who Is Managing the Sea?

By Liu Yi, United States In March, spring was in the air everywhere. Trees and little grass began to sprout, and all kinds of flowers were vying to be the most beautiful. In such a pleasant season,

What Is More Valuable Than Money

By Shunxin, Thailand Editor’s Note: If you have someone like this in your life, someone who wants to become wealthy but never succeeds, and who lives in torment, how should you help him escape hi