God’s Protection

There Will Be Miracles When We Rely on God

By Xiaoping Every time when I think about the viral Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) in 2012, my heart is still fluttering with fear. This sudden plague caused a particularly high mortality rate among the kids suffering from HFMD. My son was one of them. However, by faith in God, my son..

I Saw God’s Hands in Peril – Christian Testimony

By Gan’en I was born in a little fishing village, which is located on a small island surrounded by the sea. I have a passion for the sea, especially for the precious treasures in it, so I often go fishing. In 2008, my wife accepted Almighty God’s work in the..

Having God’s Accompany, I Feel So Great!

By Manyi, Canada I was fast asleep one night, when I heard in a daze the cry of my four-year-old son. I gave him a few gentle taps and then he calmed down. But before too long, he cried again, and the cry grew louder and louder. Waken up by..

God Protected Me in A Boiler Explosion

By Cuihua I’m 72 years old this year and am an ordinary believer in the Church. I have been watched over and protected by God time after time since I accepted the work of God in the last days in 1998. And the most unforgettable experience is seeing God’s marvelous..