Relying on God, I Found a Miracle Cure for 3 Cancers That Afflicted Me

By Xiao’ai The Abnormalities in My Body Strike Fear Into Me In September of 2018, I caught a cough which lasted for over a month. I’d taken medicine and tried many folk prescriptions, but none o

Miracle Healing: God Healed My Son Who Had a Full-Thickness Burn

By Wang Lian My Son Had a Full-Thickness Burn and the Situation Was Critical It was one morning in August 2014, and the moment I entered home, my phone rang. “Mom, something happened! The gasol

My Heart Valve Necrosis Healed by Itself Amazingly

By Jiaping “Bee-Woo! Bee-Woo!” With siren howling, an ambulance raced over from the east along the pool. I walked quickly to my doorstep, and saw that my neighbor Ms. Zhang, who had got lung

God Protected My Husband From Death

By Xinlan “Ring ring….” The hasty sound of the telephone spoiled the tranquility of my room, and the telephone message made my heart in turmoil. What was to come gave me a deep understanding

Without God’s Protection, I Wouldn’t Have Survived

By Limei Every one of us maybe will release a sigh: “A storm may arise from a clear sky and bad luck can strike out of the blue.” No one can predict or control whether his path through life is

By My Praying and Relying on God, My Daughter’s Disease Was Miraculously Cured

By Jingxin After two years since my husband and I got married, we still couldn’t have a child, and only after all kinds of treatments did I get pregnant. After my daughter was born, her constitut

Sincerely Pray to God and Her Son’s Cancer Was Cured

By Xiaochun Lin Xin was on her way home after running some errands and the crops which grew on either side of the road looked like an ocean of green in the sunlight. The wildflowers along the roads

God Is With Us—How I, 10 Years Old, Miraculously Survived a Near Drowning

By Lingling I am a young Christian. My mother started to believe in God before I was born, and I was growing up in the company of God’s words. Every night, I would drift into sleep listening to G

She Prayed to God and Then Witnessed a Miracle When Her Son’s Life Hung By a Thread

By Wang Hui In the Spring of 2015, Wang Min left her home to run some errands one day and came back to find her son Linlin sitting on his bed looking very pale. He was holding his stomach with both

Her Daughter Was on the Brink of Death yet a Miracle Produced in Faith

By Wenjie “Mom, I want to do the operation this year.” “Yeah, it’s time. We’ve put it off too many years. Then when you go home let’s do it.” “Yeah, mom, so let’s settle eve