God’s Protection

Spiritual Awakening In A Car Accident

By Ma Xiaobo, China I’m an ordinary Christian. After accepting God’s work in the last days, through reading God’s words, I knew that God’s work in the last days is to express the truth to judge and purify man, and is to cast away our corrupt disposition, save us from the..

God’s Great Love — Under the Tractor Trailer

By Chen Hui I have believed in Almighty God for a dozen years. The most unforgettable experience during my career of believing in God was my narrow escape from death under the protection of God. It was one morning in the spring of 2004. After breakfast, as usual, I put..

How to Miraculously Survive After Snake Bite

by Fang Xia I am a Christian. I live in a famous tourist resort, a place where the air is fresh and the sight is beautiful with mountains and rivers, and which attracts lots of visitors from home and abroad to come to visit it. We local people enjoy the..

God Is With Me: Loving Guarding

by Xinzhi When I was young, my family was poor. My mother had mental illness, so the heavy burden of my family fell upon my father alone. He had traveled many places to seek a cure for my mother’s illness but to no avail. At that time I thought: I..

God Is My Rock: I Saw God’s Hands When Being at Death’s Door

God Is My Rock: I Saw God’s Hands When Being at Death’s Door

Xiao Feng In 1999, I, following my husband, accepted God’s work. In the past meetings, I often listened to brothers and sisters sharing their experiences and testimonies, from which I felt that God’s protection will pull us through no matter how great the dangers and adversities are, as long as..

The Disaster Happening at Eight A.M.

Ai’mei, China I am a Christian. May 31, 2013 was an unforgettable day for me. At past 5 that morning, I was sleeping at home as usual when my mother called to ask whether I had bought spareribs. I felt a little puzzled, thinking: Why does mom ask me about..

God’s Hand Protected Us From the Fire

Zhihui I am a Christian, and my family started a printworks in which we invested over one million yuan. Although the factory was not large, it was all the property we had. The workshop we rent was located in the district under the jurisdiction of an army, and my landlord..

God’s Saving Hand Delivered Me From Grave Peril

God’s Saving Hand Delivered Me From Grave Peril

Zi Chao I am a maintenance worker in a coal mine. Three months after I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, I experienced a mine accident due to water spill. It was thanks to the deliverance of Almighty God that I narrowly escaped death. One day in late..