After Experiencing Two Spiritual Battles, I See Clearly the Modern Day Pharisees

By Anna, Italy “See what you’re believing in?” said my husband, brandishing his cell phone to show me the online information. “I believe in Almighty God, the one, true God, the One who h

I Rely on God to Persevere in Faith Though My Family Obstruct Me From Believing in God

“Haoran, have you really started to believe in Eastern Lightning?” asked my mother worriedly. “See? Mom is crying. Is it that your belief in Almighty God is more important than mom?” my bro

Christian Testimony: Persevering With Her Faith in God Under the Persecution

By Xiaofei Worries flood my mind. In the morning, on the quiet street, there were only several pedestrians who were rushing to work or school. Looking up at the sky, I saw a few dark clouds hiding t

It Is Critical to Discern and See Through Satan’s Tricks on the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom

By Yingying, Malaysia A pilgrim’s path is perilous. A Christian’s road of following God on the right path is full of difficulties and obstacles—all sorts of Satan’s tests emerge one after a

Who Blocked Me From Welcoming the Lord’s Return on the Way to the Heavenly Kingdom

By Xinzao, South Korea My husband and I met each other at a house church in China. After graduating from university, we came to South Korea together. Since the church was increasingly desolate, we

Confidence in God Helped Me Stand Testimony When My Family Opposed My Belief

By Xiufen, Singapore The editor’s word: On the path of believing in God, we often encounter different kinds of situations and barriers. Sometimes due to small faith, we’ll be timid and hang bac

Seeing Through the Rumors, I Came Back Before God

By Zhao Zhen, United States One day, I switched on my computer and saw that the CCP government was arresting Christians belonging to The Church of Almighty God, and there was a lot of negative publ

The Twists and Turns of My Spiritual Battles

By Jietuo, South Korea In My Time of Suffering, I Met the Real God In 2007, family circumstances forced me to come to South Korea to work. Life was hard then, and my husband often went out drinking

Return Before God After Seeing Through Rumors

By Xiaocao, United States As the saying goes, “A wise man doesn’t believe in rumors.” The unfounded rumors are unworthy of our attention. So, when rumors reach us, how should we treat them? E

Though Subjected to Continual Disruption in Investigating the True Way, I Relied on God and Stood Witness for Him

After listening to the rumors, my husband tried hard to stop me from investigating the true way. When I practiced God’s words and stood witness, he no longer hinders me from believing in God.