Who Blocked Me From Welcoming the Lord’s Return on the Way to the Heavenly Kingdom

By Xinzao, South Korea

My husband and I met each other at a house church in China. After graduating from university, we came to South Korea together. Since the church was increasingly desolate, we no longer went there. After my daughter was born, we both hoped she would build a foundation of faith while she was a child. So, we decided to attend meetings in a Presbyterian Church in South Korea near my house.

I got acquainted with a sister in the church. One day in January 2018, the sister led Sister Lin to my home. After a brief self-introduction, Sister Lin came straight to the point and testified that the Lord Jesus has returned and done a new and outstanding work, which is the work of judgment beginning from the house of God prophesied in the Book of 1 Peter. Hearing this, I thought: “Which denomination is this? She is bearing witness that the Lord has returned and done a new work.” While I was thinking about this, Sister Lin took out a book from her handbag and gave it to me; I saw its name The Scroll Opened by the Lamb, which reminded me that it was mentioned many times in the New Testament that the Lord Jesus was the Lamb and He became the sin offering for mankind. So, I was curious about what the book talked about. Sister Lin said: “The words in this book are not from people because we are unable to speak these words. It is only God in the flesh who can express these truths.” Subsequently, Sister Lin read for us a passage from the preface of the book. Then, she showed me some dance and song videos of The Church of Almighty God through her mobile phone.

After watching the videos, I felt that they were very good. However, from Sister Lin’s following fellowship, I learned that The Church of Almighty God is Eastern Lightning, and then I suddenly remembered that ten years ago my pastors warned us to guard against Eastern Lightning many times during gatherings. Thinking of this, I became alert instantly and couldn’t sit still. However, then I thought: “What Sister Lin is fellowshiping is in line with the Bible and is also enlightened; why am I so suspicious of her?” I then felt a bit confused and didn’t know what to do. At that moment, Sister Lin seemed to know what I was thinking and said to me with a smile: “In approaching the big event of the Lord’s return, we should have an attitude of seeking the truth and should not lightly listen to others. We need to investigate whether the words of Almighty God are the truth and God’s voice. Only then will we not miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return.” Meanwhile, my husband also persuaded me to look into the way first. I felt what they said made sense, thinking: “The Lord’s return is indeed such a big event that I can’t treat it carelessly. If Almighty God is actually the Lord’s appearance but I blindly abandon Him like this, won’t I offend the Lord?” Thinking of this, my heart calmed down a little. When Sister Lin was about to leave, she repeatedly invited my husband and me to investigate the local church of Almighty God. Finally, she gave us a copy of the book The Scroll Opened by the Lamb, and asked us to read it first. At that time, I thought: “That’s right. If I don’t read the book, how can I discern whether it’s the work of the Lord’s return?” So, we accepted the book.

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Afterward, my husband and I read the book whenever we had time. From Almighty God’s words, I understood many truths, such as the inside story of the Bible, the correct approach one should have to the Bible, the reason and the significance of God working in China and other such topics. The words of Almighty God are so bountiful that I understood the questions which had confused me for over ten years since I had started believing in the Lord. My husband and I were very excited and we decided to go to the local church of Almighty God and look into God’s work of the last days this weekend.

One day, my husband happened to see many negative news about The Church of Almighty God while he was browsing the web. Especially, after seeing the news of the CCP government condemning The Church of Almighty God as an organization of man and the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case, I became paralyzed as if a basin of cold water had been poured on my fervent heart. I thought to myself: “Why is there so much negative propaganda about The Church of Almighty God? If the facts are the same as what is being said online, we’d better not investigate the church.” Then I said to my husband: “This weekend we’d better not go to the local church of Almighty God. What if the words on the Internet are true? We need to be cautious.” Yet my husband shook his head and said: “How can you believe the words of the CCP government? Don’t you forget the CCP government has condemned all the house churches when we were in China? So, only after our actual investigation can we correctly decide whether the online words are rumors or facts. If we listen only to one side, we might miss the opportunity to welcome the Lord’s return. If so, we would regret it.” I felt his words made sense. I also thought that through reading Almighty God’s words during this period, I found that His words helped people to pursue the truth and walk the right path of life. But, when I thought of these negative news articles on the Internet, I was still very scared. Finally, I decided not to investigate. My husband couldn’t change my mind, so he had no choice but to invite Sister Lin to my house and ask her to fellowship with us.

The following day Sister Lin came. I told her all my misgivings caused by the negative propaganda on the Internet. She said: “Sister, regarding whether or not The Church of Almighty God is man’s organization, let’s read a passage of Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life. ‘However, the CCP, in order to deceive and cheat Chinese people, distorts the fact and confounds black and white. It alleges that God’s church is man’s organization and that the normal church life is illegally disturbing the social order, which is the habitual statement and strategy by which the CCP resists God and brutally persecutes God’s church. The Church of Almighty God is not man’s organization but God’s church. Each new stage of God’s work brings the establishment of the church. The Church of Almighty God came into being as the result of the appearance and work of God incarnate in the last days. It is composed of those who accept Almighty God’s word and work in the last days. And it was established by Christ of the last days—Almighty God Himself, and it is also shepherded and led by Him personally. It wasn’t founded by any man. What comes from man is organization; what comes from God is not organization but church.’

“From this passage of fellowship, we can see that if it is from man, it is a human organization; but if it comes from God, it is a church. The Bible also says, what comes from God shall increase, what comes from man shall decrease. Since 1991 when Almighty God formally began to do His work, the CCP government has never stopped suppressing and persecuting The Church of Almighty God. However, the gospel of God’s kingdom has still spread spectacularly. In only over 20 years, the gospel has spread not only across all of Mainland China but to many other countries around the world. Now branches of The Church of Almighty God have been established in many foreign countries. This is completely the result achieved by God’s work. If it is a human organization, they would long ago have vanished under the CCP’s brutal persecution. Sister, as long as we quiet our hearts to seek, it’s easy for us to distinguish that the rumors of the CCP slandering and condemning The Church of Almighty God are all deceptive lies and are CCP’s base means to block us from investigating the true way.” Later, according to my confusion of the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case, Sister Lin played for me a video, The Truth Exposed Behind the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case. In the video, a passage of commentary said: “Before implementing crackdown and massacre each time, the CCP invariably had to concoct false accusations, and create a series of public opinions as basis to establish the so-called legal foundation. The purpose was to deceive the public and pave the way for the ensuing suppression and massacre. In order to suppress and ban The Church of Almighty God and completely ban all house churches, the CCP played the same old trick once again and concocted the May 28 Zhaoyuan case as the basis of public opinions. This is exactly the CCP’s plot and intention in engineering this case. This is apparent to any discerning person. Unsurprisingly, after the occurrence of the Zhaoyuan case, the CCP promptly launched a comprehensive, escalating and more brutal operation of repression and persecution against The Church of Almighty God.” After this, I suddenly saw the light. I realized that the CCP was the invisible hand behind the May 28 Zhaoyuan case. Through the sister’s patient fellowship, I came to discern the rumors on the Internet and the base intentions of the CCP discrediting, smearing and framing The Church of Almighty God. Therefore, I decided to continue investigating the work of Almighty God of the last days with my husband and we made an appointment to go to the local church of Almighty God.

Through Sister Lin’s fellowship, I had some discernment about the lies made up by the CCP. However on the way to the local church of Almighty God, I still couldn’t help thinking about those terrible lies and I felt anxious in my heart. My husband understood what I was thinking about and he said to me with a smile: “You are quite suspicious. Sister Lin already knows where our house is. If she wants to kidnap us, is it necessary for her to wait until we investigate their church?” Hearing my husband’s words, I thought: “That’s right. If the rumors are true, they wouldn’t have asked us to go to their church.”

As we were approaching the church, from a distance we saw Sister Lin and some other brothers and sisters waiting for us at the gate. Because we were late, they had stood outside for more than half an hour on a very cold day. My husband and I felt really bad about this. Their friendliness and warmth made me feel not only very moved but ashamed for my misgivings about them. Before entering the church building, I saw five large characters above the gate reading The Church of Almighty God. The building of the church openly stands on the street welcoming anyone who is willing to investigate the true way. Obviously, this is a formal church, which is utterly unlike what was described online. After I entered, I saw that all the brothers and sisters were dignified and decent and that they all greeted us warmly. Afterward, some brothers and sisters introduced us to the website of The Church of Almighty God where there are the words of Almighty God, annals of the work arrangements of The Church of Almighty God, dance and song videos, gospel movies and life experience articles written by brothers and sisters. All the contents are open to people from around the world who love the truth to seek and investigate. I thought: “Apart from The Church of Almighty God, none of the denominations in the world dares to openly testify that the Lord Jesus has returned. The way that is not afraid of the investigation of the entire human race can’t possibly be false.” So, I began to think well of The Church of Almighty God. At lunchtime, the brothers and sisters treated us very well. Because we went there with our daughter, they brought out plenty of toys for her to play with. Seeing this, I believed that the way they lived was not fake. The church had nothing in common with the violent organization described by the online rumors. After I actually investigated The Church of Almighty God, my previous misgivings disappeared gradually and my husband and I decided to attend meetings in The Church of Almighty God.

During that period, my husband was taking his annual leave. So, we entrusted my child to my mother’s care and almost every day, we went to the local church of Almighty God to attend meetings. At each meeting, what the brothers and sisters fellowshiped about was the words of Almighty God. The purpose of these fellowships was to help us know God and His work.They also shared with us their experiences and testimonies of how they practiced God’s words. Moreover, they prayed in the name of Almighty God, which was contrary to the online claim that says that the One who the people of The Church of Almighty God believed in and worshiped was a human being.

Afterward, my husband’s vacation was over and I was also very busy. In order to help us participate in gatherings regularly, some brothers and sisters went to my home to have meetings with us. Every time either two sisters or two sisters and one brother came to my home; I had never seen two people of different sexes came here. Later, in a meeting, I learned that the ten administrative decrees of The Church of Almighty God stipulate that it is absolutely prohibited for two members of the opposite sex to work together. The fourth administrative decree stipulates that: “Man has a corrupt disposition and is moreover possessed of emotions. As such, it is absolutely prohibited for two members of the opposite sex to work together unaccompanied when serving God. Any who are discovered doing so will be expelled, without exception.” I couldn’t help but think of the online rumors saying that the people of The Church of Almighty God had unclear boundaries between men and women. Those rumors are purely nonsense.

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Through our practical investigation of The Church of Almighty God and contacting the brothers and sisters those days, the rumors made up by the CCP government all collapsed on themselves. I couldn’t resist feeling self-accusation for the fact that I once believed those lies and refused to investigate God’s work. Meanwhile, I felt very indignant: “The rumors on the Internet are really harmful to people! Now who knows how many people like me, because of believing the rumors, dare not to seek and investigate God’s work of the last days or to come to The Church of Almighty God.”