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Daily Bread

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Faith in God Should Not Only Be for Seeking Peace and Blessings

Relevant Words of God: What is it that man has gained since he first began believing in God? What have you come to know about God? How much have you changed because of your belief in God? Today

God's Word "Are You Truly a Believer in God?"

Almighty God says, "I have held people to a very strict standard all along. If your loyalty comes with intentions and conditions, then I would rather not have any of your so-called loyalty, for I abho

How Peter Came to Know Jesus

 During the time that Peter spent with Jesus, he saw many lovable characteristics in Jesus, many aspects worthy of emulation, and many which supplied him. Although Peter saw the being of God in

Are You a True Believer in God?

You may have walked the path of faith in God for more than one or two years, and perhaps you have endured much hardship in your life during these years; or perhaps you have not endured much hardship,
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The Way to Know God

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Faith and Worship

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3 Helpful Ways on How to Pray so God Will Listen

Pray everyday without being heard by God, how to solve it? Here are 3 reasons why God doesn’t listen to our prayer, and the way to solve it. Hopefully it’s helpful.

Why Do We Need to Pray? How Can We Enter Into True Prayer?

By Kexin, South Korea Praying is an important part of everyday life for Christians. But do you know why Christians need to pray and how to enter into true prayer? Let us look for the answers togeth

I Finally Know How to Pray to Be Heard by God

By Claire, Philippines I was born into a Catholic family, and since I was young, I observed all kinds of religious rituals with my parents, among which various prayers impressed me most. Rosary pra

How to Pray Effectively and Establish a Normal Relationship With God

By Chengxin Common Problems in Prayer We see someone praying for a long time, saying many things and speaking pleasant words, and we believe them to be a spiritual person who has a normal relationsh
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