Life Experience Movies

A Narrated Reenactment of a Real-Life Story: God’s True Love

A Narrated Reenactment of a Real-Life Story | “God’s True Love” In order to make a place of her own on this earth, the protagonist was obliged to follow the trends of this world, rushing about and working hard for the sake of fame and status. Her life was particularly..

Woe or Blessing (Full Movie) – Can Money Buy Happiness?

Because she came from an impoverished family, from an early age Du Juan was determined to make a lot of money to live a better life. In order to realize this aim, she left school early on to do manual work, whatever she could do to earn money. She did..

The True Light Appears (Full Movie) – The Good News From God

Movie Description: Gangqiang is a Christian. He saw how great is the Lord’s love of man and His pity for man, and he resolved many times that he would love the Lord, satisfy the Lord, implement the word of the Lord, and conduct himself as a person praised by the..

A Rebirth (Full Movie)

 Movie Description: Her name is Zheng Lu, and since childhood, she has been especially proud. Because of her social environment and traditional educational culture, she studied tirelessly, hoping to get into university and realize her dream of outperforming her peers and becoming successful, but an unexpected accident shattered her..

It’s Wonderful to Cast off the Shackles of Status (Full Movie)

 Movie Description: After Liang Zhi believed in God, he consistently sought with enthusiasm, and threw himself into fulfilling his duties. After a number of years, he was elected as a church leader. During the time that he performed his duties as a church leader, he realized that some of..