Finding the Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work, I Welcome the Lord

By Sarah, Philippines Baffled Once and Again During My Search I was born into a Catholic family, and since I was little I had followed the rules of Catholicism. But later I found that keeping these

I Have Found the Church That Has the Work of the Holy Spirit

By Yanzhen, Taiwan I started to believe in the Lord since I was little, and I am the fourth generation of believers in my family. After I got married and moved to Taiwan in 2005, I continued taking

I’ve Found the Path to Gain the Holy Spirit’s Work and Recover Believers’ Faith

By Pengbo, US Brothers and Sisters of Grow in Christ: Greetings! A question has been puzzling me for quite a while. I have sought the help of some pastors and elders, but even they have failed t

Gospel Movie Clip “Faith in God” (3): God's Work of the Last Days Exposes All Sorts of People in the Religious World

Each time God becomes flesh and appears to do His work, Satan's evil forces savagely defy and condemn the true way. In this way, war arises within the spiritual world which divides and exposes the

Who Blocked Me From Welcoming the Lord’s Return on the Way to the Heavenly Kingdom

By Xinzao, South Korea My husband and I met each other at a house church in China. After graduating from university, we came to South Korea together. Since the church was increasingly desolate, we

Facing Spiritual Desolation, How Can I Find the Lord’s Presence?

By Zhengdao, Germany One morning, when I sat reading the Bible at the window, I saw these verses: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of thei

Why Fasting and Prayer Cannot Resolve the Issue of Desolation in the Church

By Zheng Xin Over these last few years, in order to rejuvenate the church and bolster her brothers’ and sisters’ faith as well as her own, Lin Ke has fasted and prayed so many times that she ha

New Turning Point in My Life of Faith in God: Treat the Bible Correctly

I welcomed the new turning point in my life of faith in God after I understood how should Christians treat the Bible.

Gospel Movie "The Bible and God" Clip 1 - A Desolate Church Is Revitalized 01

After the brothers and sisters at a meeting place of Elder Liu Zhizhong's church cast aside the shackles of the Bible, they read online about the work of Almighty God in the last days. By reading

True Church vs. False Churches: 4 Ways to Clearly Distinguish

Beware of being abandoned by the Lord when you are in false churches! Master 4 ways to clearly distinguish the true church from the false ones, and you can find the true church with the work of the Ho