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Spiritual Warfare: Rumors Are Useless Before Facts

By Qingxin, Korea

In the fall of 2016, I, along with my husband, came to Korea, a foreign country that I knew little about. I felt uneasy about that. The moment the plane landed, my heart sank as well. I thought: Am I really going to leave everything I’m familiar with and start a new life here? Looking at those strange streets, unfamiliar faces and hearing the foreign language, loneliness filled my heart. I felt like a lost child who left his mother and couldn’t find the way home.

Life in Korea was as tedious as a twice-told tale. Every day, all that I did was just laundry, cooking, sending my child to the kindergarten and picking her up, plus watching TV dramas alone that I couldn’t understand. Living in a foreign country made me feel depressed, gloomy and agitated. I became bad-tempered, caviling at my husband and even venting my anger on my daughter. I thought that she was naughty, playful and ignorant. Especially when she jumped around the house, I would snap at her. My irritability made a gentle and elegant person as I was completely turn into an unreasonable shrew. My husband and daughter had to be very cautious in front of me lest they made me angry and start a war. In those countless sleepless nights, I was eager to change myself, but where was my way out?

By chance, I met a sister, through whom I got to know sister Mu. After sister Mu knew about my pain and confusion, she said to me, “In our life, we will encounter many unexpected things and environments. They are all prepared and arranged by the Creator. After we go through various environments, our experiences, insights and abilities to cope with life will improve, and we will realize what the Creator arranges for us is suitable for ourselves.” Sister Mu’s fellowship made my heart brighten instantly. Afterward, Sister Mu and some other brothers and sisters witnessed to me the work of God. They said, in order to save mankind, God has done three stages of work: in the Age of Law, God decreed laws to lead the early people to live their lives on earth, teaching them how they should conduct themselves, what sin is, how to worship God and to make sacrifices; in the late period of the Age of Law, mankind became more and more corrupt that they couldn’t abide by the law anymore. To save man, God was incarnated in the image of the Lord Jesus and was crucified for mankind as a sin offering. At that time, if people accepted the Lord Jesus’ salvation, came before Him to pray and repent, they would receive His grace and blessings. However, our corrupt disposition is deeply ingrained, we still need God to do a step of judgment work. Only then can our sins be cleansed. Although the three stages of God’s work differ in God’s name and work, they are all done by one God. After a period of meeting and fellowship, I’m certain that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus’ appearance. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband about this good news.

However, something unexpected happened. After hearing this news, my husband roared, “Enough! Stop! Do you know that The Church of Almighty God is the one persecuted and oppressed most aggressively by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Have you heard about the May 28 Zhaoyuan case in 2014?” I was shocked by what he said, shook my head and said, “It is impossible for the brothers and sisters in The Church of Almighty God to do such things. I have been in contact with them for a period. I saw they live out a life of piety, nothing like what is said on the internet.” He said, “Impossible? Go search it up and you will know whether what I said is true or false.” I was confused for a moment by his detailed descriptions. I thought it over for quite a while, then I grabbed his hand, made him sit down and said, “You have thoughts and insights. We should be rational in dealing with things instead of listening to only one side and mistaking evil for good just for fear. Your family believes in the Lord Jesus, so you should also have some knowledge of the Bible. It says: ‘the whole world lies in wickedness’ (1 John 5:19). The Lord Jesus also said: ‘This is an evil generation’ (Luke 11:29). In the Age of Grace, in order to redeem mankind, the Lord Jesus in the flesh was crucified by the religious circles and rulers of that time. In the last days, Almighty God who comes to express the truth and do the work of judgment is also condemned and opposed by both the religious world and the CCP regime and is rejected by the Age. Therefore, the truth will always be rejected and condemned by religious world and atheistic regime. In fact, every time God does His work, He is always persecuted by the religious world and those in power, but no one can obstruct God’s work. At the time when the Lord Jesus came to carry out His work, He was persecuted and opposed by the chief priests, scribes, Pharisees and the Roman government, but the Lord Jesus’ gospel still spread to the whole world. Today, although the CCP and the religious world circulated so many rumors on the internet to attack Almighty God, His gospel of kingdom is still spreading rapidly. Whatever comes from God will thrive, whatever comes from man will fail.” My husband said nothing, then I continued, “Do you still remember the ‘June Fourth Incident,’ the student-led demonstrations in 1989? It was intended to be a patriotic action of college students to fight against corruption and for democracy and freedom. However, the CCP had some unknown persons posing as students sneak into the demonstrators. They set fires, smashed and looted things, and even overturned military vehicles, to intensify the conflict. On top of that, the CCP used China Central Television and mass media to make over-abundant reports and news, framing this incident as ‘student riot,’ so as to suppress students’ demonstration and achieve their evil goals of consolidating their power and dictatorship. Since the day the CCP took power, it did all sorts of cruel things to consolidate its dominant position. I think the May 28 Zhaoyuan case is probably used by the CCP to blame, frame and smear The Church of Almighty God.” Hearing this, my husband shook his head with resignation and said, “No matter what, you cannot believe in Almighty God. Break all your ties with them from now on!” I refused determinedly and said, “No way! The Lord Jesus has returned. We shall accept God’s salvation.” He became exasperated, shook off my hand and pointed at me, saying, “Do you know what you are doing? Why don’t you go online and take a look?” A violent quarrel broke out and got out of hand. We had a sleepless night; however, it was only a prelude …

In the next few days, we talked about this frequently, which always resulted in interminable discord. One night, my husband suddenly woke up, very anxious. He woke me up from my deep sleep and asked for my cellphone. Seeing he blacklisted all the sisters from The Church of Almighty God, I went up to him to snatch my phone back and questioned him. “Why did you do so? I have my own freedom!” He raged, “Why did I do that? It’s for you and this family! I don’t allow you to contact them anymore, if not I’m going to smash your phone!” After I heard his words, tears ran down my face. I felt as if I fell into the abyss. In pain, I prayed to God: “O Almighty God, I feel so miserable. I don’t know what to do. Please help me, guide me and lead me.” On one side is my beloved family, on the other side are the truth, the way and the life. How should I choose? My heart seemed to be suffering in purgatory. I Recalled from the days of the acquaintance with my husband, then our falling in love and getting married. These ten years were really not that easy. We had gone through the opposition from our parents, and overcome age gap, difference in culture and long-distance relationship. We had experienced all these difficulties. Were we really going to divorce because of believing in God? If so, it would definitely hurt my little daughter very much. However, to give up believing in God would make me feel like my life lost the soul.

In the following days, under the pressure of my husband, I was very distracted and depressed, so I stopped thinking of going to meetings and rejected the calls from sisters, starting to avoid everything. In those days without God, my life was in a mess and I muddled through the whole winter.

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