Christian Music Video | "The Prayer of God's People"

383,555 |December 22, 2021


God’s people are raised before His throne, many prayers in their hearts.

God blesses all who return to Him; they all live in the light.

Pray the Holy Spirit enlightens God’s word that we fully know God’s will.

May all people cherish God’s word and come seeking to know God.

May God give us more of His grace, so our dispositions can change.

May God perfect us to become one heart and mind with Him.

May God discipline us so we can fulfill our duty to Him.

May the Holy Spirit daily guide us to preach and witness God.


May all people know good from bad, put truth into practice.

May God punish evil doers and His church be undisturbed.

May all people offer true love to God most pleasant and sweet.

May God remove all hindrance so we can give our all for God.

May God keep our hearts loving God, not leaving God.

May those preordained by God return into His presence.

May the people all sing their praise to God who has attained glory.

May God be with His people, keep us living in God’s love.

May God be with His people, keep us living in God’s love.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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