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Don’t Judge Others by Appearance. A Commentary on James 2:9

But if you have respect to persons, you commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.

– James 2:9

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Lookism is something we often manifested. We can often see that some people are demeaned and crowded out because the clothes they wear are out of fashion, or that some people make a fool of themselves because of treating others according to their outward deeds. Then what is the standard by which God measures people? Is it also based on the appearance of people? No. God’s word says, “I often say that God looks within people’s hearts, and people look at people’s exteriors. Because God looks within people’s hearts, He understands their substance, whereas people define other people’s substance based on their exterior.” “What does God look at in a person? God looks at a person’s heart. All of a person’s behavior is controlled by his heart. If your heart is honest, then you have good humanity and can gradually understand truth, and when you understand a certain amount of truth you can satisfy God’s requirements and be considerate of God’s intention.

From God’s word, we can see God is the God who sees deep into people’s hearts. God’s measure of whether man is after God’s heart is based on his heart. Just as the story of the poor widow that is recorded in the Bible, the widow only offered two pennies, but she gained God’s approval, because God saw that she offered all that she had, and her heart was true. After we understand the standard by which God measures people, we can also measure others and ourselves based on God’s word and truth to see if our words and actions accord with God’s requirements or they are just some outward behaviors.

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