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Accept God’s Calling and Follow the Lord. A Commentary on Mark 1:18

And straightway they forsook their nets, and followed him.

– Mark 1:18

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse mentions that fisherman Peter and Andrew forsook their nets and followed the Lord Jesus after they heard the call of the Lord. They didn’t have high identity and status, nor were they proficient in the scriptures, but they were willing to follow the Lord when hearing His call. Through humbly seeking and investigating His word and work, they gained God’s enlightenment, heard His voice and knew He was of God, was Christ, and was the coming Messiah. However, the Pharisees who were familiar with the scriptures didn’t get the blessings. They didn’t seek but resisted and opposed after hearing the gospel. From the facts we can see that God doesn’t look at whether we have status, reputation and gifts or not. What He looks at is whether we have a heart of longing for Him. We should imitate the disciples, such as Peter, etc. Facing the second coming of the Lord, we should measure it according to the Lord’s word, seek and investigate with a humble heart. Only thus can we be enlightened and guided by the Holy Spirit, and keep pace with the footsteps of God’s work.

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