God’s New Name Prophesied in Revelation. A Commentary on John 14:23

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From this scripture we can get an important message that the Lord will take a new name when He returns in the last days. This allows us to recognize that God is called by a new name in every age. We know that in the Age of Law God was called Jehovah and under this name He issued the law to guide the life of the Israelites. In the Age of Grace, God did the work of redemption under the name of Jesus. And the prophecy in Revelation says that God will have a new name in the last days. From this we can see God’s name is not immutable but changes along with His work. Just as God says, “The work of God throughout all of His management is perfectly clear: The Age of Grace is the Age of Grace, and the last days are the last days. There are distinct differences between each age, for in each age God does work which is representative of that age. For the work of the last days to be done, there must be burning, judgment, chastisement, wrath, and destruction to bring the age to an end. The last days refer to the final age. During the final age, will God not bring the age to an end? To end the age, God must bring chastisement and judgment with Him. Only in this way can He end the age. … Therefore, during the Age of Law Jehovah was the name of God, and in the Age of Grace the name of Jesus represented God. During the last days, His name is Almighty God—the Almighty, who uses His power to guide man, conquer man, and gain man, and in the end, bring the age to its close.

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