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Amos 8:11 – The Days Come

Behold, the days come, said the Lord Jehovah, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of Jehovah.

– Amos 8:11

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse tells us about the cause of the religious world’s desolation. It’s just like back when Jesus Christ came among man to do the redemptive work in the latter days of the Age of Law. The temple became a den of thieves. In the beginning, the temple was full of Jehovah’s glory. People were godly in serving Jehovah in the temple and dared not do whatever they pleased. Otherwise, the fire would be sent down on them from the top of the temple and burn them to death. But at the end of the Age of Law, when the priest made improper sacrifices, and the Jewish people sold cattle, sheep, and doves and exchanged money, they received no discipline or punishment. Why did this happen? That was because Jesus Christ was incarnated into the world and did the new work outside the temple, that is, the work of redeeming mankind, and the Holy Spirit no longer worked in the temple. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, the temple naturally became desolate and a den of thieves. The disciples of Jesus Christ, whoever accepted His gospel and followed Him, enjoyed the pleasure and the peace brought by the work of the Holy Spirit, and gained provision of the living water of life. The Jewish priests, the Pharisees, and the Jewish people who held onto the law and didn’t keep up with Jesus Christ’s new work had lost the work of the Holy Spirit. They lost their reverence for God and no longer had God’s disciplines, and the temple became a den of thieves. Now it is the final stages of the last days, and the time for the appearance of Jesus Christ. The desolation of the religious world was because the work of the Holy Spirit has been transferred. God has already done a new work, no longer working in the churches of the Age of Grace. Just as God says, “God will accomplish this fact: He will make all people throughout the universe come before Him, and worship the God on earth, and His work in other places will cease, and people will be forced to seek the true way. It will be like Joseph: Everyone came to him for food, and bowed down to him, for he had things to eat. In order to avoid famine people will be forced to seek the true way. The entire religious community is suffering severe famine, and only the God of today is the wellspring of living water, possessed of the ever-flowing wellspring provided for the enjoyment of man, and people will come and depend on Him.” From God’s words, it can be seen that the work of the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn from the churches of the Age of Grace and worked on those who accept the new work, and who follow God’s footsteps. He provides them with the living water of life, and makes their spirits sated. Apart from these people, the others will suffer famine and be dry in spirit. They will be forced to seek God’s utterance and His work in the last days, and follow God’s footsteps, lest they lose God’s salvation and fall into the darkness.


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Amos 8 11 The Days Come

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