God’s work

Why does God appear to man by being incarnated to be a Son of man?

The answer from God’s word: “God became flesh because the object of His work is not the spirit of Satan, or any incorporeal thing, but man, who is of the flesh and has been corrupted by Satan. It is precisely because the flesh of man has been corrupted that God..

Tribulation Inspired My Love for God

The Church of Almighty God

Meng Yong    Shanxi Province I am by nature an honest person, which is why I have always been bullied by other people. As a result, I have tasted the coldness of the world of man and felt my life empty and without meaning. After I started believing in Almighty God, through..

The Hymn of Life Experience “I Will Repay God’s Love”

repay God's love

I Will Repay God’s Love I I feel so happy to follow the practical God. Never thought of seeing God’s face. It’s the greatest grace to receive God’s judgment. We should care for His heart. In experience of God’s work, I’ve savored His love. Seeing God suffers so much for..



Su Xing One day in 1999, my pastor said to me after a gathering, “Su Xing, here is a letter for you.” I took a look and found it was from a church that I established in Shandong Province. On my way home with that letter, I thought to myself:..

The Finest Gift God Has Given Me


Yixin    Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Before, I would frequently hear my brothers and sisters say, “Everything that God does is for the best; it is all what people need.” I admitted this and agreed with it, but I didn’t have any understanding through my own experience. Later on I..

Going Astray and Finding the Way

The Church of Almighty God

Xiaobing     Xuanzhou City, Anhui Province “That which you are enjoying today is the very thing which is ruining your future, whereas the pain you are suffering today is the very thing that is protecting you. You must be clearly aware of that so as to keep away from the hook of..