Sweetness in Adversity

Han Lu is a leader of the Church of Almighty God in the Chinese mainland. She has believed in God for over a decade and has experienced the work of Almighty God in the last days. She understands some truths and knows that it is only through Christ of the..

Child, Come Back Home

Li Xinguang is a senior high school student. He had been a sensible and well-behaved boy since he was little. His parents and his teachers were very fond of him. While going to middle school, he became infatuated with internet computer games. He would frequently skip classes in order to..

An Animated Short Film About Video Game Addiction – GLUED

This is a story about a mother and her son. The mother tried many ways to help her son get rid of the control of video games for his healthy growth, but all these ways are in vain. In modern society, evil trends such as video games occur continually. Many..

For Whom Man Should Live – Christian Song With Lyrics

For Whom Man Should Live - Christian Song With Lyrics

For Whom Man Should Live I I Wasn’t clear for whom man should live. Now I’ve got the answer for it. I used to live just for myself, seeking only status and fame. Prayer to God full of fine words, yet holding to my own way in real life. Faith..

Because He Lives

Because He Lives

God created mankind and leads us to the present. In order to save man from Satan’s hands, God became the Son of Man, called the Lord Jesus, came to the earth, lived and resided with mankind for 33 and a half years, and He was crucified for the redemption of..