The Truth Behind the “Demonstration” of the Chinese Mother and Son —The CCP Government Interferes in Freedom of Belief in South Korea

Before we talk about the “demonstration” farce by the Chinese mother and son, it’s necessary for us to have a review of the “Zhaoyuan Murder Case.” On May 28, 2014, the murder took place at a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province. According to reason, it was just a common criminal case. But on the next day, the criminal suspects were said to be “members of the Church of Almighty God.” Immediately, this common criminal case was widely publicized and reported by Chinese media, and it created a background favorable to the CCP’s upcoming movement of suppressing and persecuting the Church of Almighty God. In the case, there is a coincidence: The malignant murder committed by Zhang Lidong and the other criminal suspects “matches” perfectly the rumors made by the CCP that slandered the Church of Almighty God. From this, many netizens and people of insight gave an incisive summary of the rule by which the CCP suppresses people with different opinions and persecutes religious groups: First, it slanders, frames, and defames by fabricating rumors, then makes feigned case to support the rumors. After such a background is built up through wide publicity, it begins to conduct its violent suppression and bloody slaughter. This is the CCP’s habitual means of maintaining its dictatorship, which is also a fact obvious to all. This kind of tragic cases made by the CCP are too numerous to mention. For example, the world-shocking “6/4 Incident” in 1989 which was launched to suppress and slaughter the students, the “Self-immolation in Tiananmen Square” in 2001, the suppression and slaughter of Tibetan monks and the masses in 2008, all of them were plotted and executed by the CCP.

The Truth Behind the “Demonstration” of the Chinese Mother and Son

After the “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case,” the CCP launched a nationwide “One-Hundred-Day Battle,” and cruelly arrested and persecuted Christians of the Church of Almighty God. However, the Church of Almighty God isn’t struck down, but even more thrives. Almighty God’s kingdom gospel is spreading rapidly across many countries and regions overseas. Seeing those testimony videos and gospel movies of the Church of Almighty God are pouring in on the Internet, the CCP becomes desperate. It not only interferes in the refugee status application of the Christians of the Church of Almighty God in many countries, but also tries to extradite them to China desperately. As such, the CCP is always trying every possible means to scheme how to create public opinions, by which it will suppress the Church of Almighty God once again and persecute the Christians. Two years later, the CCP played the same old trick another time.

The Truth Behind the “Demonstration” of the Chinese Mother and Son1

Around 9 a.m. on August 28, 2016, a farcical “demonstration” was staged at the gate of the Church of Almighty God in Guro, Seoul, South Korea. Five elderly ladies feebly rested their hands on the slogan boards, and stood in a line in low spirits. By their side, a middle-aged woman in black who held a camera bustled about among them with overbearing arrogance. Another woman in her thirties together with a little boy was crying and shouting. She kept striking the gate of the church while yelling the name of her husband Zhang. Unluckily, this “demonstration” show of “mother and son looking for their family” didn’t get much attention of the passers-by. Later, they could only end up with nothing definite. Who are these demonstrators? What do they want? Why didn’t the woman’s husband come out to see her? Is this just an ordinary event of searching for husband?

It turns out that the protagonist of the “demonstration” is a Chinese woman surnamed Tian. It’s the third time she has come to South Korea to ask her husband Zhang to go back home. In fact, on January 24, 2016, Tian arrived in South Korea and tried to persuade her husband Zhang to go back to China. However, as a believer of the Church of Almighty God, Zhang had suffered persecution from the CCP in China, and thus he refused to return to China. At that time, Tian showed understanding for him, and went back alone. On May 18, Tian came to South Korea again, but her attitude was entirely different from the first time she took. She insisted on Zhang going back to China. In her contact with her husband she stole his cellphones and passport, and took away all his money. Tian claimed that Zhang must return to China even if he would be beaten disabled and put into prison by the CCP. About this, Zhang was quite confused and thought that her wife must have lost her normal human thought. Not until Zhang was besieged and hunted by his wife and the CCP undercover at the airport, did he suddenly realize that his wife had already joined hands with the CCP to abduct him to China. Zhang finally escaped from the danger. He realized that her wife was deeply deceived by the CCP and had no discernment between justice and wickedness. She already became an accomplice of the CCP and a plaything under its command.

This time, Tian came to South Korea again with her child. She didn’t contact her husband, nor did she contact the Church of Almighty God. Rather, she directly went to the Immigration Office of South Korea and asked to withdraw Zhang’s refugee claim. Afterward, she directly called a press conference and joined hands with Wu, a representative of some religious website in South Korea, to create disorder before the Church of Almighty God in Gangwon Province. Then, she staged a bitter drama of “giving back my husband” before the Church in Guro, Seoul, wildly making public opinions. From these series of her actions, it proves that her aim was not to meet her husband, but to deliberately create disturbances to smear and frame the Church of Almighty God by saying that the Church coerces her husband. Ironically, that day Zhang had seriously made it clear to the Korean police that he fled China totally because in China he was facing the arrest and affliction of the CCP, and thus he had no choice but to flee, that it’s of his own volition to stay in the Church of Almighty God in South Korea. Besides, he expressly stated that he felt thoroughly disappointed with his wife and no longer wanted to see her. On August 29, Zhang also made a statement and declaration to a famous South Korean television station. He declared that he believes in Almighty God voluntarily and nobody has ever forced him to do so, and that God never forces man, even less does the Church of Almighty God force man. He also stated that only the CCP government forces man, coerces man and lets man worship it, and that whoever doesn’t worship or support it will be killed with no other admittance. This is the habitual means of the CCP government. Meanwhile, he said that it is exactly the CCP who has been persecuting and coercing him, and that it is the devilish party that is threatening his life. Therefore he risked his life to flee to Korea!

In this matter, it is worth noting that Tian shows the intelligence and “strategy” far higher than those of an ordinary employee in a company in China. A series of her actions in South Korea makes people once again see clearly the true mastermind behind Tian is precisely the CCP! Tian came to South Korea to make trouble, and it was a purposeful action that the CCP had long premeditated, organized and well-planned. According to a reporter at the scene, three days before the incident he had received a reservation. It has even more confirmed that the “protest demonstration” was premeditated long ago. On August 24 and 26, the CCP, on its “party media,” Xinhua Net and North East News Website has published the article “Magic Quotes Around the Believers abducted by Almighty God”, which is to create a bandwagon effect for another round of crackdown on the Church of Almighty God in advance. Obviously, it is the CCP who planned the Korean “demonstration” activities, and its main purpose is to continue framing and discrediting the Church of Almighty God, leaving the Church of Almighty God overseas no place to stay, even in an attempt to destroy Almighty God’s work of the last days. Meanwhile, it is to persecute Christians and to start from here to extradite Christians back to China. Here we can only say that this is a dream that the CCP can never achieve!

Moreover, I saw another coincidence in this event. One of the charges used by the CCP to wantonly condemn and persecute the Church of Almighty God is “tearing apart families,” and the farcical “demonstration” performed by Tian accords with the CCP’s charges. The CCP wishes to defame the Church of Almighty God on the charge of tearing families apart, and then causes the Korean religious world and the public as well who are unaware of the truth to make the same condemnation and rejection, and thereby fulfill their aim of extraditing believers of the Church of Almighty God to China, and subjecting them to condemnation and affliction. Someone may ask: Why did Zhang have to leave his family, his wife and son? In fact, Zhang didn’t intend to abandon his family. His family was once happy and harmonious. But because of the CCP’s frenzied condemnation and persecution of the Church of Almighty God, Zhang was faced with the danger of being arrested, and he had no choice but to leave his family, his homeland, and came abroad to seek asylum. In South Korea, though Zhang is separated from his relatives, he can perform his duty as a creature of God, truly expend for God, and contribute his part in testifying to God’s work of the last days. This is approved by God. Actually, throughout the ages, numerous Christians forsook their family and career, and spent a lifetime for the Lord. Many of them even gave up their marriage, for the Lord Jesus has said, “So likewise, whoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he has, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33). “And every one that has forsaken houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundred times, and shall inherit everlasting life” (Matthew 19:29). According to the teachings of the Lord, the Christians of the Church of Almighty God volunteer to do their part in spreading the kingdom gospel. It is heaven’s law and earth’s principle and completely conform to the Bible. However, to the atheist ruling party of the CCP, the teachings of the Lord Jesus instead become the basis by which they condemn Christians. The CCP confounds black and white and distorts the fact, and it makes a big fuss over this matter so as to frame and defame the Church of Almighty God. It even foments discord, and lures a few people to come abroad at the cost of huge money to act as innocent victims, to continue its evil deeds of interfering in the freedom of religious belief. Seen from this, in order to persecute Christians and the freedom of religious belief, the CCP really racks their brains and put in all their effort.

Then, let’s focus on another leading role in this farcical “demonstration”—Wu, the representative of a religious website in South Korea. It’s learned that in the past three years, Wu has been to the Church of Almighty God several times. Instead of seeking the true way there, she tried all possible means to extract the information of the Church. And every time Tian arrived at Jeju Island this year, Wu went to pick her up personally. On July 19, Wu released on the religious website the CCP’s remarks of blasphemy and condemnation against the Church of Almighty God. On July 31, she gave a speech and claimed that the “Eastern Lightning” must be banned and incited the churches in the dark about the truth to raise banners in Gangwon Province, attempting to drive away all Christians of the Church of Almighty God. On August 26, she, together with Tian, made big trouble in Gangwon Province and took photos of all Christians who went in and out of the Church of Almighty God. On August 28, she accompanied Tian “demonstrating” at the gate of the Church of Almighty God, slandering and framing that the Church had kidnapped Zhang. Wu spread fallacies to deceive people, condemned and blasphemed the Church of Almighty God wantonly. Actually, the Church of Almighty God has nothing to do with her. Why does Wu hate the Church so much? In this year the website where Wu works was closed down for about half a year. By rights, her income must greatly decrease. But how could she have the energy, capability and money to help Tian and her son from China so “selflessly”? It reminds us of an ancient Chinese saying, “The benefit draws people here and runs them there.” As is known to all, the CCP buys off countless pro-CCP persons in all overseas countries to fish for information and render service to it. This is the CCP’s traditional practice. Let’s look at Wu. For whom did she do so much work? Who is it that supports her to organize and launch this “protest demonstration”? The answer is obvious to all. There’s only one reason for Wu to join hands with Tian, help her and support all her activities abroad. That is, Wu is an extreme pro-CCP person, a spokesperson the CCP employs at a high price. Just the same as Tian, Wu is also directed and controlled by the CCP. Blinded by money and frenziedly sordid, she acts as the accomplice and lackey of the CCP, the evil party, and intends to persecute the Church of Almighty God overseas. It’s completely done by the CCP’s black hand. But unfortunately, it ends with negative outcome. Wu exerted herself to incite the religious world in South Korea to participate in the demonstration, but eventually, there were merely five old people present. This fact is a great satire on her painstaking attempt. Such occasion aroused public doubt: is it really the CCP’s style? The CCP always uses money as the “forerunner” whenever they travel abroad. For example, every time the high officials of China visit other countries, the CCP will spend much money employing a great bunch of Chinese people to carry the banners, and shout “welcome” along the streets. It’s said that Wu and Tian had arranged for about 15 persons to come for the demonstration but eventually only a few appeared. It shows that the South Korean people have their own ideas and views, don’t fall for the CCP’s lies and refuse to be used by it. In addition, most people in the religious world are also sensible and enlightened, the South Korean government acts according to the laws and policies. South Korea is a country with true democracy, which can never be found in China.

As for the instigator of this “demonstration”—the CCP government, the Westerners call it the axis of evil in the world. The CCP has never ceased its persecution of Christianity, and its evil substance dooms it to suppress all dissenters. In China, the CCP labels the Bible as a cult book, and declares all Christian house churches cults. Since Xi Jinping came to power, he intensified the persecution of Christianity. Even the officially sanctioned Three-self churches were demolished, the crosses torn down. Countless Christians were imprisoned and persecuted for their belief in God, some even maimed or tortured to death. This is a recognized fact. The CCP government strives desperately to suppress religious belief, while to the outside it closely blocks the information about its persecution of Christians. Especially since Almighty God, Christ of the last days, began to speak and work in China, the CCP government has been hunting Christ and God-serving persons more fiercely. It has conducted several nationwide hunting for the Christians of the Church of Almighty God, on the charges of “endangering social order,” “overthrowing the government,” and so on. The CCP government has held many emergency conferences to plot how to ban the Church of Almighty God. They have drawn up and issued a lot of secret documents, employed various kinds of mean tricks, and even spared no money and resources to launch people’s war and dispatch the Armed Police Force to suppress and persecute the Church of Almighty God, in attempt to ban God’s work of the last days. Nowadays, when Almighty God’s work in the last days is rapidly spreading overseas, it shamelessly stretches out its black hand to South Korea and intentionally creates chaos and calamities. The terribly insane CCP is making its desperate struggle. It wants to forcibly take the Christians of the Church of Almighty God back to China through the overseas pro-CCP people, so as to dismantle and abolish the Church of Almighty God. Its satanic and devilish nature has once again been exposed! Here, we hope that people from all walks of life should see through the truth behind this “demonstration,” discern the CCP’s schemes, and see clearly its satanic and devilish substance of opposing to God. We hope you won’t be deceived by Satan, much less utilized by Satan. The CCP can be rampant for a time, but as evil will never triumph over justice, so has the CCP’s end been long decided. However, Almighty God’s work of the last days will definitely spread throughout the whole world, because God’s work can never be stopped by any forces! Almighty God says, “None can fathom the almightiness of God. In China, a country that regards God as an enemy, God has never ceased His work. Instead, more people have accepted His work and word, for God does all He can to save each and every member of mankind. We trust that no country or power can stand in the way of what God wishes to achieve. Those that obstruct God’s work, resist the word of God, disturb and impair the plan of God shall ultimately be punished by God. He who defies the work of God shall be sent to hell; any country that defies the work of God shall be destroyed; any nation that rises up to oppose the work of God shall be wiped from this earth, and shall cease to exist” (The Word Appears in the Flesh). All God’s opponents are doomed to receive their due punishment and retribution, and be destroyed by God ultimately. This is God’s disposition. This is an unchanging fact!

Zheng Yi

Source from: Hymn of the Heart

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