The Conspiracy Behind the Drama of “Search for the Husband Abroad” —The CCP has stretched its evil hand to South Korea to suppress religious belief

The Conspiracy Behind the Drama of “Search for the Husband Abroad”

At the mention of the words “protest” or “demonstration,” I would very naturally paint a picture in my head: dozens, hundreds or thousands of people gathering together for the same appeal or wish. On August 28, 2016, the weather was cloudy in Seoul, South Korea, and in that very morning a special “protest” took place right before the gate of the Church of Almighty God in Guro, Seoul, which has provoked my deep thoughts.

(I) The Weak Crowd of Protesters

The Conspiracy Behind the Drama of “Search for the Husband Abroad”1

This crowd of protesters was organized by two people and its main force consisted of merely six people and a photographer. Five elderly people each stood behind a sign with something written on it, embracing themselves against early autumn wind, looking feeble and confused. I can’t help but wonder whether they could manage to stand had the wind been fiercer. Could it be that Wu, one of the organizers, took advantage of these elderly people’s fragility to win sympathy? Could it be that she was unable to persuade others to join her? As the representative of some website, Wu has always been an active figure. Given her power in the religious community and other fields, she should have been able to gather a much larger crowd, yet the fact was not so. This is proof that people of the Korean religious community are possessed of the sense of righteousness and good judgment—they did not blindly follow Wu and join the “protest” thanks to their understanding of her.

At the site of demonstration, Wu was seen rushing to the gate of the Church of Almighty God after arranging the place where these elderly people stood and giving them some instructions. There stood the leading role of this “protest,” Tian, whose husband Zhang (who uses the alias Li Fei) was said to be inside the Church of Almighty God in Guro. Wu, at this moment, turned herself into a director, and started to direct the drama: She asked Tian to cry out, giving advice on the method, the angles as well as the content of her cries, etc. The photographer, also under the commands of Wu, started filming, and shooting from this or that angle. A “heartrending” drama of “searching for the husband abroad” thus began …

The Conspiracy Behind the Drama of “Search for the Husband Abroad”2

(II) Why Did Wu Initiate This “Protest,” and What Are Her Motives?

In the issue of August 27 of Kangwon Ilbo, I saw a report about Tian and her son, which says Tian has called a press conference in Hoengseong County. I started wondering to myself: Tian is merely a regular employer in a company in Mainland China, yet she was able to come to South Korea, travel between Seoul and Jeju Island, and later to Gangwon Province, and call a press conference…. How could she have such a great power? The fact, however, is that it was Wu who devised and arranged all this. Wu was able to go out of her way to help a perfect stranger look for her husband—there must be some unspeakable schemes, and what are her motives? The answer is plain to see once we unveil who Wu is.

Actually, Wu is no stranger to the Church of Almighty God, the story dates back to three years ago. She first went to one of the churches of Almighty God in Korea to consider the gospel, but she is no true believer of God who seeks the truth, instead she came to pry about the Church’s information. Her unusual actions in the church led most people to suspect that she might be a spy sent by the CCP, and thus she was cast out of the church. In March this year, she made another attempt to enter the Church and acquire information, but was quickly exposed and ousted. How could she possibly desist after her failure to accomplish her unspeakable schemes? She has, in many occasions, openly expressed her hostility toward the Church of Almighty God. She slanders, attacks and makes rumors about the Church, singing the same tune as the CCP. However, she has no proof at all that the Church of Almighty God violates the laws or harms the benefits of South Korea. All this makes one wonder: She goes all out to help Tian and instigate those who do not know the truth, she collaborates with the CCP government of Satan to attack and persecute the Church of Almighty God, and acts as the CCP’s running dog and accomplice—indeed how much bribery has she accepted from the CCP?

(III) Thoughts Provoked by Tian

When it comes to this “protest,” we have to talk about Tian, the lead of the drama. She is the wife of Zhang, who is a Christian of the Church of Almighty God. Standing near the gate of the Church of Almighty God in Guro, the desperate cries of Tian might provoke an outsider’s thoughts: Where is Zhang? And why wouldn’t he see his wife? What are his reasons behind his choice?

It was learned that Tian has come to Korea twice earlier this year, in January and May respectively, and asked Zhang to return to China, but Zhang turned down her requests. As a Christian in China, Zhang has always been persecuted by the CCP government for his belief in God. At last, he had no choice but to leave his hometown and flee to South Korea. Tian is Zhang’s wife, she cannot be more clear about the fact that the CCP is an atheist party and employs cruel means to crack down on Christians; if Zhang returns to China, he will surely be arrested, imprisoned and tortured, and even be abused to death. Despite all this, she still came to meet Zhang in South Korea in May, bringing with her a spy in plain clothes. Not only did she steal Zhang’s passport, cellphones, and take away all of his money, she and the spy also tried to abduct Zhang in the airport, which Zhang narrowly escaped. As Zhang’s wife, Tian knows full well that the CCP adopts cruel means to persecute Christians. However, she shows no concern for her husband’s safety, and has made several death-threats to Zhang in order to have him back to China. She proclaimed that as long as Zhang could return to China, it doesn’t matter even if he might be arrested and beaten to be disabled. And who is behind her collaboration with Wu to protest in front of the Church of Almighty God? Is Tian really doing this for Zhang’s benefit? There is no doubt that Tian knows her actions could only aggravate things, so what are her ulterior motives?

At the site that day, there was also a journalist Wu invited from a TV station in Seoul. We learned something from what he revealed to us: Three days before Tian’s arrival in Korea, Wu made an appointment with him. So the 8. 28 Protest has been plotted beforehand. Two persons from different countries happened to get together: holding press conference, and engaging in the protest. Those with discerning eyes have seen through it. This is an organized and planned action, and the one behind the scene—the CCP—can no longer hide itself and is exposed to the light.

(IV) The CCP Has Tried Every Trick in the Book and Will End Up Shooting Itself in the Foot

The work of Almighty God has been carried out across Mainland China for more than twenty years. During this period, the CCP has frenziedly persecuted and cruelly suppressed God’s work, in order to end God’s work of the last days. Seeing that Almighty God’s kingdom gospel is expanding overseas, the CCP becomes more desperate, and it has followed the trail to South Korea. So the event of Zhang could not possibly happen by chance. It is not new that in order to defend its dictatorship in China, the CCP always frames up on others, invents fake cases, or resorts to forceful suppressions, all of which are perfectly obvious to everyone. In 1989, the suppression of June Fourth Democracy Movement astounded the whole world. In 2001, the CCP staged the Tiananmen Square Self-immolation Incident, commencing the movement of subduing and killing members of Falun Gong. In 2008, the CCP suppressed and murdered Tibetan monks; and people boycotted the supplies in China. The list goes on and on. On May 28, 2014, a murder happened at a McDonald’s restaurant in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, which was designed and carried out by the CCP. It planted the crime on the Church of Almighty God, attempting to discredit the Church. After that, it launched the One-hundred-day Battle and began a frantic arrest of the Christians of the Church in Mainland China. To everyone’s surprise, despite the CCP’s persecution of the Church, Almighty God’s kingdom gospel has soon been expanded to many other countries, and Almighty God’s word, the videos of the Church’s hymns and choral music, as well as the Church’s films are made public to the world. This drives the CCP regime of Satan furious and desperate, and so it has stretched its evil hand to the foreign countries.

The 8. 28 Protest in Seoul is ironclad evidence that the CCP once again attempts to smear and defame the Church of Almighty God. Wu and Tian echoed with the CCP and cried out its preposterous assertions, saying, It’s wrong to abandon one’s family to follow God and believe in God, this is tearing up one’s family. Does this argument hold water? For everyone who believes in the Lord, they are familiar with the words said by the Lord Jesus in Luke 14:26, which are “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” In order to fulfill the commission God entrusted upon them, the saints throughout the ages rushed hither and yon day after day. They left their family and forsook their career to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus, experiencing untold hardships, not caring even if it meant to lose their lives. Let’s take a look at today: The religious community of South Korea sends out a large number of missionaries every year to spread the Lord’s redemption of cross in many countries. They have all abandoned their family and laid aside their career. Could you say that their belief in God is wrong and following God is tearing their family apart? Zhang has preached the gospel to Tian many times, but she refused to accept it, and instead persecuted him, and even claimed to report him to the police. Who is the one that ruined the harmony of their family? Who forced Zhang to flee his country at the risk of his own life? The answer is self-evident.

The CCP is so shameless. It plays the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief,” and utilizes Wu and Tian to spread rumors and nonsense, saying that Zhang was taken hostage by the Church of Almighty God. This is purely confounding black and white and distorting the fact! What is the truth then?

The Korean police told that Zhang has made it clear to them he came to Korea without anyone’s coercion. Also in a statement written by him, he said that in China he was facing the danger of being caught and afflicted by the CCP, and that was the very reason he had fled China for Korea. Zhang also told the police that his wife opposed his faith in Almighty God and persecuted him many times. She not only threatened him with death but also tried to kill him by knife. And she even called the police to catch him. Due to the persecution of the CCP and his wife, he had no choice but to leave China to seek refuge in Korea. Some Korean people who are well informed of the event of Zhang express their deep understanding of him, for there are so many cases of their country’s missionaries being persecuted and expelled from China, and they are clear when it comes to the discernment of these things, and they have a deep understanding of the fact that the CCP government persecutes Christians.

The CCP attempts to defame and vilify the Church of Almighty God using Zhang’s escape to Korea. They stir up the Korean government and people from various groups in society who are in the dark to rise to oppose the Church of Almighty God. That way, the Church of Almighty God might be driven out of Korea, and all the Christians of the Church in Korea would be extradited back to China, and suffer the condemnation and affliction of the CCP. In the end, the Church of Almighty God would be thoroughly banned. The vicious purpose of the CCP is ultimately exposed. Unfortunately, the trick of the CCP will never succeed in Korea, a democratic country! Its evil action will only allow the Korean people and the whole world to see more clearly its evil face of hating God and the truth. It will end up shooting itself in the foot!

God is righteous. The CCP is doomed to be punished by God for its going against Heaven, for its defiance and hostility to God!

Su Yang

Source from: Hymn of Heart

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