How to Truly Believe in God: 4 Steps

Believing in God is more than just believing that there’s a God. It still needs 4 steps to truly believe in God.

I Rely on God to Persevere in Faith Though My Family Obstruct Me From Believing in God

“Haoran, have you really started to believe in Eastern Lightning?” asked my mother worriedly. “See? Mom is crying. Is it that your belief in Almighty God is more important than mom?” my bro

Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” (English Dubbed)

To earn enough money to live a good life, Ding Ruilin and her husband put in bitterly hard work to open and run a business. But, thanks to the CCP government's exploitation and abuse, they remain

Reflect: I, Qualified Christian?

By Li Zhi I, who have believed in God for many years, had always thought that those who believed in God’s existence, could follow God and often pray to Him for keeping them from all calamities,

"Seeing Is Believing" Is Not True Faith in God

By Liu Lei The Bible recorded such an incident: When the Lord Jesus was resurrected three days after being crucified, He appeared to His disciples. At that time, some of the disciples saw Him, but Th

Is Your Belief in Accordance With God’s Will?

By Qiu Shi There was a story telling: A Christian wanted to offer up 10 dollars at the end of a church service. Unexpectedly, he put a 100-dollar bill into the offering box. He regretted it very

For What Do You Believe in God?

by Liu Yan I have believed in the Lord for so many years. However, when someone asked me, “For what purpose do you believe in God?” For a moment, I didn’t know exactly what to answer. About thi

Explore How to Believe in the Son to Obtain Eternal Life

By Zhang Yan Now is the end of the last days when the prophecies of the Lord Jesus’ return have all come true, and we expect to be taken into God’s kingdom and obtain eternal life more eagerly, b

Why Should Mankind Believe in God?

The answer from God’s word: “God created all things, and so He makes all creation come under His dominion, and submit to His dominion; He will command all things, so that all things are in His