John 8:32 - The Truth Makes Us Free

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

These words of Jesus Christ tell us since we believe in God, we should understand the truth and pursue the truth and that only the truth can make us released and free. After being corrupted by Satan, we become arrogant and conceited, selfish and deceitful, greedy and evil, and seek nothing but profits. We are bound and controlled by our satanic corrupt dispositions all day long. In our daily life, for the sake of fame and gain, we often plot amongst each other and vie with each other. We live in sin and suffer unspeakably, and cannot feel mentally and physically released and free. In order to save us from the bondage and control of sin, God has personally become flesh and expressed the truth to redeem us and save us. Only when we pursue to understand the truth expressed by God and practice according to God’s words can we escape sin to receive cleanness and live in the true light freely.

Just as God says, “If you can clearly understand many truths, you will feel that all matters are easy to put into practice, that you can overcome this issue, and overcome that temptation, and you will see that nothing is a problem for you, which will make you so free and liberated. At this moment you will be enjoying God’s love, and God’s true love will have come upon you.

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