James 1:2-3 – Rejoice in Temptations

My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience.

– James 1:2-3

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

In the pursuit of God, we have met with trials of varying degrees. However, we don’t understand why God tries us, but alway revel in leisure, so we are full of resentment and try to escape when trials come upon us. Even worse, we will complain against and misunderstand God, and lose faith in Him. This verse shows us that God uses trials to test our faith in Him. Only through trials can we develop true faith. God uses trials to make perfect the faith of man. For example, when trials befell Job, his property was robbed, his servants were killed, and his children lost their lives, and he suffered from sore boils. But Job didn’t lose faith in God in these trials, but still held fast his integrity, feared God and shunned evil, and praised the holy name of Jehovah, and created a beautiful and resounding testimony for Him. Job’s faith had undergone testing. Such faith is approved of by God.
God says, “If you are without the judgment, chastisement, and trials of God, and if God has not made you suffer, then, to be honest, you do not truly love God. The greater God’s work in man, and the greater man’s suffering, the more it is able to show just how meaningful God’s work is, and the more that man’s heart is able to truly love God. How do you learn how to love God? Without torment and refinement, without painful trials—and if, furthermore, all that God gave man were grace, love, and mercy—would you be able to attain the true love of God? On one hand, during God’s trials man comes to know his deficiencies, and sees that he is insignificant, contemptible, and lowly, that he has nothing, and is nothing; on the other hand, during His trials God creates different environments for man that make man more able to experience the loveliness of God. Although the pain is great, and sometimes insurmountable—and it even reaches the level of crushing grief—having experienced it, man sees how lovely is God’s work in him, and only upon this foundation is there born in man the true love of God.

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James 1-2 3

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