God’s Word Is Necessarily Accomplished. A Commentary on Isaiah 46:11

yes, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.

– Isaiah 46:11

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

After reading this verse, I felt that God is filled with authority and power indeed. He tells us whatever He speaks, He will bring it to pass. There’s no uncertainty, but 100 percent certainty. No man ever dare to say that his words can be completed in the future but only say “I hope it will be…”, or “Perhaps it will be…”, because facing the future, we can’t figure out what will happen. Only when things happened can we know it. But the words said by God are different: All words God says will be completed. For example, the rainbow covenant in the Bible (Genesis 9:13). Rainbows have never disappeared all along, we can see them after the rain. What’s more, in the age of the Old Testament, God said He will bestow a son upon Abraham. Although Abraham thought he was too old to have a son, his thought wasn’t able to hinder God’s plan. It’s clear that whatever God says or intends to do will be surely completed. Regardless of whether we believe it or not, all that God wants to accomplish won’t be affected at all, but will be completed successfully.

Share a passage of God’s word, “No matter how much time elapses after God’s words have been spoken, for Him, it is as if they have just been uttered. Which is to say that God has the power, and has such authority, that He can keep track of, control, and realize every promise He makes to mankind, and regardless of what the promise is, regardless of how long it takes to be completely fulfilled, and, moreover, regardless of how broad the scope that its accomplishment touches upon—for example, time, geography, race, and so on—this promise will be accomplished, and realized, and, furthermore, its accomplishment and realization will not require Him the slightest effort. And what does this prove? That the breadth of God’s authority and power is enough to control the whole of the universe, and the whole of mankind. God made light, but that does not mean God only manages light, or that He only manages water because He created water, and that everything else is unrelated to God. Is this not a misunderstanding? Although God’s blessing of Abraham had gradually faded from the memory of man after several hundred years, for God, this promise still remained the same. It was still in the process of accomplishment, and had never stopped. Man never knew or heard how God exerted His authority, how all things were orchestrated and arranged, and how many wonderful stories occurred among all things of God’s creation during this time, but every wonderful piece of the display of God’s authority and the revelation of His deeds were passed on and exalted among all things, all things showed forth and spoke of the miraculous deeds of the Creator, and each much-told story of the Creator’s sovereignty over all things shall be proclaimed by all things forever more. The authority by which God rules all things, and the power of God, show all things that God is present everywhere and at all times. When you have witnessed the ubiquity of the authority and power of God, you will see that God is present everywhere and at all times. The authority and power of God are unconstrained by time, geography, space, or any person, matter or thing. The breadth of God’s authority and power surpasses the imagination of man; it is unfathomable to man, unimaginable to man, and shall never be completely known by man.

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