Bible Reading Made Easy Helps You Study the Bible Effectively

Bible Reading Made Easy is not only a convenient mobile app for Scripture navigation, it also contains Gospel Videos, Personal Testimonies, Bible Verses by Topic, Q&A, and other spiritual content. When you have registered for an account, you can sign in to your account on all your devices, and your data will be synced at all times, at all places; it’s very convenient. Ever since this app was released, it has received favorable reviews from many users. So what’s great about this app?

Bible Reading Made Easy Helps You Study the Bible Effectively

Convenient Methods for Navigating the Scriptures Brings You a Great Navigation Experience

Bible Reading Made Easy has a simple interface available in multiple languages. Through the Bible interface, you can use a variety of Bible translations to compare readings so that it is more convenient for you to understand the Bible. Besides, this app also provides convenient and flexible methods for navigating the Scriptures. At times, you may remember a few words from a verse, but don’t know its location in the Bible. Don’t worry! With this app, you can input a keyword to quickly locate the passage you want, saving the trouble of searching for it in the printed Bible. In addition, through the navigation menu, you can select your desired book-chapter-verse combination to navigate to that location. While reading, you can customize font size and background color preferences, swipe the screen horizontally or vertically, set bookmarks and highlights, and use the note taking function. These user-friendly reader settings allow for convenient use.

A Diverse Array of Resources Enriches Your Spiritual Life

Not only can you read the Bible with this app, you can also find Bible Study, Daily Devotionals, Delving Into the Bible, Personal Testimonies, Resolving Spiritual Confusion, Songs and Dances of Praise, Gospel Videos. They can be added to your Favorites and shared on social media. Various songs and dances of praise, which express Christians’ praises of God, will allow you to know God’s love and true salvation for mankind, so your heart will get closer to God. In Inspirational Videos, there is a compilation of fables, inspirational stories, and gospel stories, integrated with God’s teachings and Bible verses. These stories teach us great wisdom of life and guide us to understand God’s requirement and hope for us. All sorts of Christians’ essays on their experiences and testimonies can help you understand God’s will in a variety of environments and find the correct path of practice… This app is really a treasure trove full of rich spiritual resources for your life sustenance outside of the Bible.

In this age, life is fast-paced and the pressure is overwhelming. Many people feel there is not enough time and are impatient for long videos, but prefer to use fragmentary time to enjoy short videos of several minutes. To satisfy the needs of users, the Bible Reading Made Easy app offers many several-minute videos, such as inspirational videos, hymn videos and music videos, as well as testimony articles with audio, so you can live a regular spiritual life and maintain a normal relationship with God. During your free time, you can play a video or listen to an audio article, which will bring your heart closer to God in your busy life. Unknowingly you will understand God’s will and be able to find ways to resolve the problems in life according to God’s words. This app strives to use various methods to help people understand God’s words more and enjoy the watering and nourishment of God. It is so thoughtful!

Q&A Is Designed to Increases Interaction and Resolve Your Difficulties in Faith

To increase interaction, the Bible Reading Made Easy app has a Q&A interface. In addition to navigating the Scriptures and enjoying various devotional resources, you can also engage in Q&A and ask anything, whether it’s a question that you encounter in everyday life or in your faith. The dedicated representatives are here to hear what’s on your heart and do their utmost to give you a satisfactory answer. It’s notable that some critical, common questions are shown publicly, making it easier for more people to view. Topics of Q&As such as Family, Work, Life, About Belief in God, About the Lord’s Return, and About Eternal Life are available for you to better check out all kinds of questions and answers. In short, the Bible Reading Made Easy app meets the needs of users from different aspects.

Bible Reading Made Easy Helps You Study the Bible Effectively

You Can Easily Create and Share Custom Images

Bible Verse Images features Bible quotes on beautiful pictures, making these verses more impressive. In the Featured tab, there is a custom image function and sharing function. If you feel moved or inspired while reading a verse in Verse of the Day, not only can you bookmark and highlight it and take notes, but you can create images with the verse and share them with your friends and family through social platforms. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to use photo editing software. With the app’s custom image function, editing images is easy and fast, and there is a variety of beautiful backdrops for you to choose from that are available on both phones and tablets. You can select an image that you like, and adjust its brightness and text fonts, typography, color and opacity according to your taste. After completion of editing, the image can be saved and shared with others as well as set as the wallpaper on your phone or tablet.

What’s more, the Bible Reading Made Easy app is completely free. Try it today!

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