Lamentations 3:37 – God Arranges Everything

Who is he that said, and it comes to pass, when the Lord commands it not?

– Lamentations 3:37

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse tells us that apart from God, no one can determine whether something can be done. In our real life, we can experience that though we can make a plan for our everyday life, we cannot foresee what will happen in that day. Some days ago, I read a passage, “Where you will go every day, what you will do, who or what you will encounter, what you will say, what will happen to you—can any of this be predicted? People cannot foresee all these occurrences, much less control how they develop. In life, these unforeseeable events happen all the time, and they are an everyday occurrence. These daily vicissitudes and the ways they unfold, or the patterns by which they play out, are constant reminders to humanity that nothing happens at random, that these things’ ramifications, and their inevitability, cannot be shifted by human will. Every happening conveys an admonition from the Creator to mankind, and it also sends the message that human beings cannot control their own fates; at the same time every event is a rebuttal to humanity’s wild, futile ambition and desire to take its fate into its own hands. They are like powerful slaps about humanity’s ears one after another, forcing people to reconsider who, in the end, governs and controls their fate. And as their ambitions and desires are repeatedly thwarted and shattered, humans naturally arrive at an unconscious acceptance of what fate has in store, an acceptance of reality, of the will of Heaven and the Creator’s sovereignty. From these daily vicissitudes to the fates of entire human lives, there is nothing that does not reveal the Creator’s plans and His sovereignty; there is nothing that does not send the message that ‘the Creator’s authority cannot be exceeded,’ that does not convey the eternal truth that ‘the Creator’s authority is supreme.’

God rules over and controls everything of us. In the past, I wanted to build a good life with my own two hands, and thought that as long as I worked hard, nothing is impossible to me. However, my life was very tiring and bitter though I had paid a great price. Now I’ve learned to rely on God and obey God when matters arise, and gradually I saw what God arranges is most suitable for me.


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Today’s Verse Illustrated

Lamentations 3:37 - Who is he that said, and it comes to pass, when the Lord commands it not?

Sovereignty of God

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