Is God's Judgment in the Last Days Punishment or Salvation?

Some people read Almighty God's words and see that there are some harsh things that are judgment of mankind, and condemnation and curse. They think that if God judges and curses people, won't they b

Gospel Movie "Caught the Last Train" Clip 4 - Judgment Before the Great White Throne Begins

How does God do the work of judgment in the last days? What exactly is the work of judgment before the great white throne? Do you know? Chen Peng was a pastor in a house church. He had burden fo

Gospel Movie "Awakening From the Dream" Clip 2 - God Uses the Word to Judge and Purify Man

In the Last Days, God becomes flesh to carry out upon the earth the work of judgment beginning with the house of God, so, how does Almighty God's work of judgment in the last days cleanse and save

Gospel Movie "Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit" Clip 2 - God Does Judgment Work by the Word

In the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, God spoke some words which were stern and which rebuked people. What is the difference between these words and the words of judgment expressed by God as He does

"From the Throne Flows the Water of Life" Clip 4 - Why Does God Carry Out the Work of Judgment in the Last Days?

We have been saved through the Lord’s salvation. Why do we have to accept Almighty God’s work of judgment and purification to enter the kingdom of heaven? This video will reveal the mystery to you

"Song of Victory" Clip 5 - Why Does the Lord Come Back to Do the Judgment Work in the Last Days

 Many people believe that we have already had our sins forgiven and attained salvation since we professed our faith in the Lord, so why doesn't the Lord come to take us directly to the heavenly