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Review of The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing—The Christians’ Choices Without Regret

By Chenhui

The name of this movie which appears first is The Manifestos of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing. Immediately after, the word “manifestos” gradually changes into “lies”. Thus, the name of this movie becomes The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP’s Brainwashing. Obviously, the director wants to tell the audience that the substance of Communism is lies but not manifestos. Such distinctive design form and contents are absorbing and successfully arouse people’s curiosity: What does The Lies of Communism want to tell the audience on earth?

The beginning and the end of the movie adopt the form of showing the caption: Lines of words are shown on a black screen, accompanied by the simple and pure music. Although it is not embellished much, it provides much space to think. As for the docudramas, this form is quite distinctive. Especially, the words at the end of the movie even more elevate this movie; it looks like the movie has reached the climax and is about to end, but these short lines of words again promote the development of the plot. This makes the movie look as if it is coming to an end, yet in fact the plot is progressing. This form of expression is unique, fresh and profound.

A Fierce Battle Without Gun Smoke

In this battle without gun smoke, the CCP government uses a CASS professor, a lecturer in police academy, and two psychological experts to forcibly brainwash and transform the Christians, Zhang Mingdao and the others, with atheism, materialism, scientific knowledge, traditional culture and all kinds of rumors and fallacies respectively. Facing the rounds of psychological tactics by these atheistic experts and scholars, Christians, Zhang Mingdao, Xu Xiangguang, Su Zhiqing and the others are all always in a state of high-level anxiety, not daring to relax even for one moment of the day or night. Although the communists order them not to pray time and time again and even if they want to take advantage of the time when they go to the restroom to pray, they are interrupted by their coaches (who offer one-on-one training), I believe that each of them must pray within their hearts at all times. Because under the CCP’s this kind of spiritual damage, if they are the slightest bit careless, they will be brainwashed by the highly disturbing words of these experts and scholars.

Over the course of brainwashing, though on the surface the communists gently allow the Christians to speak their mind freely, yet when the Christians speak out about their own actual thinking, they are scared and threatened by the communists. In these plots, it can be seen that although on the outside the Christians are neither haughty nor humble and their retorts are logical and justified, with distinct arguments, they bear tremendous stress, fear and restlessness within, which can be seen from Zhang Mingdao’s prayer and their survey of the brainwashing base when they just enter into the brainwashing class. Faced with the tortures both in body and spirit, Zhang Mingdao and the others are mentally and physically worn out and greatly tortured. Their every contact with the communists allows the audience to be in sweat for their situation.

The two-week brainwashing course ends in the CCP’s fiasco. In order to let the Christians sign a statement of repentance, a statement of rupture and a letter of guarantee, the communists adopt more despicable methods according to everyone’s weakness. Why must the communists make the Christians sign those two statements and the letter? Maybe some people will think: Even if they sign them, when they get out of there, can they not still believe in God? As a matter of fact, these words of He Hongchang give us the answer, “We communists should fight against God. At present, if we conquer and defeat these believers in Almighty God and make their mouths speak of the words of betraying and blaspheming God, then it is just our crowning victory.” It can be seen clearly from these words that this is a battle in the spiritual war. In such a fierce fighting, the Christians’ final choices even more affect the audience’s hearts.

The Final Choices

After savagely slaping Zhang Mingdao twice in the face, Hua Weiguo threatens, “If you don’t sign, we will throw you in jail. Don’t expect to get out in your life!” Zhang Mingdao feels no fear. His clam choice receives a vicious kick. Moreover, Hua Weiguo doesn’t allow him to eat or sleep and commands him to stand until he signs those two statements and the letter. The answer given by Zhang Mingdao, which makes me feel both happy and distressed, is, “Since I was arrested by you, I’ve never expected to go out alive. There’s no way you want me to deny God and betray God!”

At the same time, in Han Dongmei’s room, her coach takes an unusual step by kindly calling Han Dongmei Auntie Han, and offering Han a glass of water. Then she begins analyzing Han Dongmei’s situation with reasoned and touching words. From Han Dongmei’s expression, I can see how intense her ideological struggle is. After all, at the age of having children and grandchildren like that of Han Dongmei, being able to enjoy the later years is the lifelong pursuits of most people. As long as Han Dongmei signs, she can go back home and then, she not only can believe in God secretly but also can enjoy her later years. These conditions wield a great power of temptation. If Han Dongmei doesn’t sign, it will be very difficult for her to reunite with her family. After a struggle, Han Dongmei finally takes the pen. After seeing that Han Dongmei is willing to sign, the coach feels secretly happy and her hidden smile appears out of the corner of her mouth. This smile of the actress is so proper. But after the coach sees that what is written on the paper is, “follow Almighty God till death,” she immediately bursts into a rage and hurls the papers at Han Dongmei. The contrast truly interprets the insidiousness and treachery of the communists.

In the reception room, Wang Xuebin is still instigating Xu Xiangguang’s mother, “If your son doesn’t sign, we’ll sentence him to eight or ten years.” As soon as Xu Xiangguang walks in, his son throws himself into the arms of Xu Xiangguang and sobs, “Daddy, let’s go home!” His mother beside him also cries and asks him to sign. The CCP’s tricks are really so cruel that my heart tightened when watching this. I can’t help thinking that when Deng Suxiang and Lv Li brainwash Han Dongmei, Tan Xiumin and Li Chunyi, Deng Suxiang and Lv Li distort the truth and say the Christians abandon their homes because of believing in God. But, through comparing the reality, clearly it is that the CCP persecutes and arrests the Christians, and as a result the Christians are forced to leave their homes; yet the CCP recriminates against the Christians. The CCP is so treacherous!

The Contest Is Still Going On …

Late in the film, a close-up of a ticking clock is used as a transition between scenes. Then the scene fades out to be replaced with Zhang Mingdao standing alone there. He doesn’t know how long he has stood there, just secretly praying for other brothers and sisters in his heart. Meanwhile, the scenarist uses the content of Zhang Mingdao’s prayers to make a summary of all Christians’ choices: “Even at the cost of my life, I am willing to stand testimony for God and I will absolutely not sign the statement of repentance.” Zhang Mingdao’s clenching his fists even more shows their destination to face the death unflinchingly.

At the end of this movie, Zhang Mingdao and the others are handed over from the brainwashing base. Although the movie doesn’t clearly tell the truth that they are sentenced, they all know what they will face next in their hearts. In the corridor, Zhang Mingdao, Xu Xiangguang and Han Dongmei exchange their looks which contain too many contents: They are glad that they all stand testimony for God and don’t give in and they encourage each other to face the following environments. Watching this scene, I am moved very much. I really admire and yearn for the Christians’ knowing and treasuring each other on the basis of their being spiritually linked.

The scene of the Christians headed by Zhang Mingdao and the communists headed by He Hongchang walking up to each other in the corridor and especially the eye contact between Zhang Mingdao and He Hongchang push their contest to a climax. Although the movie has ended, the CCP’s brainwashing has not. The brainwashing base will still have a group of new Christians. It is as if Zhang Mingdao’s firm eyes tell He Hongchang: “This time, you don’t succeed. And in the future, you will never succeed. It can only be a dream that the CCP tries to destroy the Christians’ resolutions to follow God by brainwashing.”

If you are curious about the truth of why the Christians would rather be imprisoned for life than betray God, then you need to carefully watch the contests of their debates with the communists. Those wonderful debates have given an interpretation of their such choices.


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