Reflections on the Film Missionary Episode Ⅱ Plant: The Call of God’s Love

The documentary Missionary Episode II Plant will tell us how the martyrs through the ages preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to China a virgin land, and how it bore an abundance of fruit.

After Watching “Child, Come Back Home”—Only God Can Save Lost Child

The son was lost in online games and his parents felt anxious and helpless. God’s words reveal the actual facts of how Satan corrupts man. He came back home.

Review of ‘Deadly Ignorance’: Dissection of Characters

By Qiuling Recently, I watched a movie entitled Deadly Ignorance. Upon seeing the title, I couldn’t help admiring the director’s wisdom and talents because just the title had whetted my appetite

Review of The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything: Experience Authority and Power From the Creator’s Rule

By Si Fan, South Korea The long-awaited twentieth musical documentary was eventually shown. With excitement, I saw it twice at a stretch and my horizons were truly expanded. The documentary uses the

Review of The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything: Feel Wondrous Sovereignty of the Creator

By Xiaobei, France The musical documentary The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything was released in May of 2018. The traveling of the camera makes people feel like being personally on the scene.

Review of the Sketch ‘My Father, the Pastor’: How to Approach the Bible

By Wen Xin, Finland Today, I’d like to recommend you a sketch, My Dad Is a Pastor. It tells us a story of how a pastor debates with her daughter to assert the authority of the Bible. In a humorous

Review of Salvation: God’s Love and Salvation Behind Suffering

By Lin Fan, Czech Republic Salvation is a meaningful Christian film. The screenwriter uses the experience of a Christian in mainland China as an example to tell the story of how Christians, on the pa

Movie Review of Seventeen? The Hell You Are!—Evil and Justice

The title of the film “Seventeen? The Hell You Are!” is pretty meaningful. Why does the director emphasize the particular age—seventeen?

Child, Come Back Home - Online Game-Addicted Boy Successfully Turns to God

Child, Come Back Home - Online Game-Addicted Boy Successfully Turns to God Hello everyone! Thank you for turning into this episode of Movie Reviews. Movies with faith-related themes have gained mor

Movie Review: Red Re-education at Home—Arrogance Goes Before One’s Being Destroyed

Different from the films on the Christian mission or the cruel persecution of Christians, this film "Red Re-education at Home" aims at Christians’ family life in China.