God’s Protection: Miracle Appears Before Imminent Car Accident

July 13, 2017 was a most unforgettable day for me. On that day, my daughter-in-law drove my son, my daughter and me home. At the beginning, there were dark clouds in the sky; when we were on the freeway from Zhengzhou City to Xiayi County, it rained heavily, accompanied with thunder and lightning. As the vehicles moved along, the rainwater was thrown up high like waves. Seeing this situation, I thought to myself: We might as well turn the car around and not go home today. But, tomorrow I will attend a meeting, and I can’t delay the performance of my duty. I should go home. Thus, we drove on against the pouring rain.

After about half an hour, my son had a tiff with my daughter-in-law, and he asked for pulling the car over. Before I realized what had happened, my son had put on the handbrake by force. At that moment, the car screeched and started to spin like a top from right to left. At the second turn, I saw two lorries coming toward us from behind with their four big headlights shining. I thought, “We’re doomed! Such lorries can’t stop on a dime and our car is spinning. If the lorries cannot stop, they must hit us. In that case, won’t our family lose our lives?” At the third turn, our car ran straight to the guard rail on the side of the freeway. I didn’t know what it was outside the guard rail, and couldn’t see anything except the guard rail. I was frightened, thinking, “It’s finished. This time we shall be all lost!” At that critical moment, I suddenly thought of Almighty God, and I couldn’t help but yell out, “Almighty God, save me! Save me!” For about two seconds, I heard a squeal of the car, and then the car marvelously changed direction from the guard rail, and the two lorries behind us also stopped, without moving. Seeing this scene, I felt extremely excited and thought, “On the freeways, the vehicles are all at a high speed and shouldn’t be allowed to stop. What’s more, in this bad weather, even if they need to stop, they should stop in the emergency lane; it is impossible that the two lorries draw up alongside with each other. That’s really God’s great power! It is God that made the car suddenly swerve when it was about to hit the guard rail, and it is God that pulled our family of four back from the brink of death.” I couldn’t stop my tears from falling and, at that moment, I thought of a hymn of God’s word: “Almighty God, the practical God! You are our impregnable fortress. You are our refuge. We huddle under Your wings, and calamity cannot reach us. Such is Your divine protection and care” (“Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs”). I felt that God was indeed beside us, protecting us at any time. In a moment of danger, only Almighty God is our refuge. Then, I saw my son’s face was white with fear, and that my daughter-in-law was also scared out of her wits. They saw me crying and said, “Mom, don’t be sad. It’s all over, isn’t it? We’re really so lucky!” I said, “If I had not called on God, we all would have died this time!” I knew that, when our car was spinning, regardless of whether the two lorries ran into us or our car hit the guard rail, we all must die. I clearly saw God’s mightiness so that I couldn’t restrain my feelings of excitement.

After returning home, we got out of the car and saw the car’s four tires were all buckled and written off, but we were all unharmed and got home safe and sound. My son said to me, “Mom, if you had not believed in God, our family would be finished this time. I truly believe the God you said. I will believe in Him properly with you in the future.” Hearing his words, I kept shedding tears. I couldn’t express my gratitude toward God in words. I thanked God for His wonderful protection for us. Through this experience, my son was also brought before God. I was more grateful for God’s salvation and love!

God’s words say, “Everything of this world swiftly changes with the Almighty’s thoughts and beneath His eyes. Things mankind has never heard of suddenly arrive, whereas things that mankind has long possessed unknowingly slip away. No one can fathom the Almighty’s whereabouts, much less can anyone sense the transcendence and greatness of the Almighty’s life force” (“The Sighing of the Almighty”). God is the almighty God and He is the master of all. Everything is in His hand, is controlled by Him, and is orchestrated according to His thoughts. Just when we were in peril, we saw our car shifted instantly in God’s hand and swerved following God’s thoughts, all of which are God’s authority and power that make us out of the danger. Moreover, through this matter, my son, whose thoughts also changed following that of God, miraculously returned to God. I knew these are all God’s wise deeds. This experience has truly made me feel that God is by our side, observing us and orchestrating the environment around us. No matter how He does, He is caring for, keeping and saving us with His great power.

All the glory be to Almighty God!

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