Persecution Testimonies

God’s Words Led Us Through a 10-Day Torture

We underwent a 10-day torture in an arrest in 1998, but with the faith and strength given by God’s words, we overcame various persecutions of the CCP police and stood witness.

Be Confident in God About the Path on the Run

Facing the second arrest from the CCP police, she escaped with her paralysed husband. Though there were a lot of difficulties and setbacks on the run, God has protected her again and again so that she has been confident in God about the unknown path ahead.

“Mom, I Won’t Arrest the Believers Any Longer!”

By Wang Cheng At nightfall, Auntie Zhao was sitting at the window, reading God’s words. A passage of God’s words attracted her attention, “Today, God has returned to the world to do His work. His first stop is the grand assemblage of dictatorial rulers: China, the staunch bastion of atheism...

Mother and Son’s Reunion After Eight Years

Because of the CCP’s persecution, He Ying was forced to separate from her son for eight years and could not go back home. She entrusted her son unto God and continued spreading the gospel. Meeting her son again eight years later, she was ecstatic to see God’s blessings...

Farewell on the Mid-Autumn Day – Christian Persecution Testimony

By Zhang Qiang The Persecution Comes on the Mid-Autumn Day On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhang Qiang knitted his brow, sat in front of a table, and thought about the phone call from his son a couple of days ago when he was ready to go home after..