Following God’s Footprints

Open the Heart-Window

By Gaoge Open the window and let the sunshine in. Suddenly it makes the room brilliant and the world outside the window clearly visible. While every soul has a window, as you open it and let the sunshine in, then the darkness will be dispersed, and in an instant the..

I Find the Way of “Sin No More”

By Bai Xinchun I had believed in the Lord Jesus for many years. Before, I often heard the preacher say: “The Lord Jesus has redeemed us from the cross and forgiven all our sins. The Bible says: ‘He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes..

Can You Discern False Christs and False Prophets?

By Xiaoxiao, Japan From my childhood, I followed my mother to go to the church. However, I didn’t truly feel the Lord’s presence until I was in the fifth grade. At that time, my mother went to Taiwan because of her job, and therefore, we met once a year or..

The Process of a Preacher Welcoming the Lord’s Coming

By Wang Dan Since my childhood, I had believed in the Lord with my parents. In order to serve the Lord better, at 14, I gave up my study under the encouragement of the Lord’s love and joined the Northeast Youth Fellowship. In the association, many preachers from home and..

Adhering to Convention — God’s work never change?

By Li Cheng Recently, I read this story: The State of Chu wanted to make a sneak attack on the State of Song. Seeing that the State of Song lay across the river, the State of Chu sent people to measure the depth of the river to find the shallowest..

Where Is the True Love?

By Yifan, China Thinking Happiness Could Come True as She Wished The beginning of Lianxin’s married life was comparatively more peaceful. Although not until late did she and her husband go off work every day, her husband always took on all housework such as cooking, washing clothes and so on..

God Saved Me From the Whirlpool of Fame and Money

Synopsis: Born into a rural family, she had had an ambition since childhood, expecting that one day she would have a lot of money and become a person above others, and live a happy life. After she got married, together with her husband, she struggled to earn money, and after..

The Holy Bible = All God’s Words and Work?

Brothers and sisters, many pastors and elders think that God’s words and work are all in the Bible. Do you think so? Can the words and work of God in the last days be recorded in the Bible ahead of time? This article will tell you the answer. By Zhong..

An Italian Christian Has Found the Footprints of the Lord

by Cristiano Paternoster, Italy I am an Italian, now 59. I was born in a Catholic family in the beautiful city Naples. At the age of 10, I received the sacrament for the first time and became a formal member of the Catholic Church. My duty then in the church..