Church Life

The Growth in Spiritual Life—I Have Learned to Pray In The Gatherings

By Yuanzhi, Brazil Thank the almighty and one true God! I have followed God for 11 months since July, 2016. In the past 11 months, I have experienced much of God’s love, which made me grow under His care and protection. In the period I have also experienced trials, refinements,..

Is Your Belief in Accordance With God’s Will?

By Qiu Shi A Christian wanted to offer up 10 dollars at the end of a church service. Unexpectedly, he put a 100-dollar bill into the offering box. He regretted it very much. So he went to the pastor, asking him to give the 90 dollars back to him. “What..

I’m No Longer Constrained by the “Jealous Heart”

by Jingxin, the United States At the end of October 2016, I accepted the gospel of God. After that, I often had meetings with several brothers and sisters, reading God’s words, sharing experiences, and singing hymns to praise God. I felt that such kind of church life was very joyful..

I Have Found the Way to Gain the Work of the Holy Spirit by Prayer!

I Have Found the Way to Gain the Work of the Holy Spirit by Prayer!

Wang Dan When I first believed in the Lord, I enjoyed the great pleasure brought by the work of the Holy Spirit. At that time, I saw all had faith, appeared with enthusiasm like a pot of fire, and showed love to each other. No matter what difficulties we encountered,..

Walking the Bright Path of Human Life

Xieli    United States I was once a man who pursued worldly trends, liked eating, drinking, making merry, and cared about fleshly enjoyments. I often sang with friends in a KTV room all night, had a whirlwind driving at midnight, went fishing on the sea, and traveled far and wide..