True Happiness

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Obedience to God Brought Me Happiness

By Feifei After believing in God I only attended a few gatherings because I was so busy with work; I still didn’t understand the significance of faith in God. Later on, my family business suffered a loss and I became pregnant, so things got tighter and tighter. I no longer..

True Happiness

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I Live Even Happier Than the Rich

By Chen Yan Editor’s note: By saying that the poor can be happier than the wealthy, I do not mean that I am resentful to the rich, and it’s just my understanding from the following experiences of Chen Yan, the author of this article. Everyone has reasons to struggle for..

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How to Shake off Worries and Find a Happy Life

By Hanxiao There is no denying that we all want to live a happy life, having a warm and harmonious family, an ideal job, a good prospect, sensible children and so on. However, in the process of seeking happiness, we are besieged by all sorts of worries. Some people worry..

True Happiness