An Overseas Student’s Testimony: How to Depend on God in Study

She encountered a problem during her study in America. Depending on God, she saw that God made a way for her and her problem was solved smoothly.

Willful Youngster Has Changed

As a youngster, he is willful, insolent and a pain in the neck for his teachers and parents. However, under the guidance of God’s words, his change is surprising!

How to Overcome Exam Anxiety? Learn to Rely on God

What should we do if we get anxious about exams? She easily overcame exams anxiety by relying on God, and saw God’s blessings.

Christian Girl Overcome Evil Trends of the World by Relying on God’s Words

A Christian girl felt the spiritual emptiness from the evil trends of the world. Through reading God’s words, she has overcome evil trends of the world and walked the path of pursuing the truth.

Put Aside My Painful Dream of Stardom - Teens' Testimonies

After I understood God’s will, I changed my mind, put aside the dream of stardom, and no longer compared with others in guitar-learning, finally I felt the true happiness and stability.

Be Careful! Do Not Live in the Bonds of Online Games

Numerous people died because of excessively playing online games. I used to be a game addict and afflicted by games. If I were not saved by God, I would be without my changes today.

This Class, I Triumphed Over Satan’s Temptation

I never expected that the CCP sent its lackeys to use the polygraph to test students for the sake of arresting the believers. I didn’t chicken out but triumphed over Satan’s temptations under God

Quarrel Between Stepfather and Me Has Finally Been Settled

I often quarreled with my stepfather for trivia and was estranged from him. When my family nearly cracked, God came to the rescue, and our relationship improved.

God Is My Rear Guard, Fear No More Under Monitoring

Under nine months of testing, threatening and monitoring, God is my shield who gave me faith and strength so that I stood firm in testimony.

In Hardships, She Learnt to Rely on God

Her parents were arrested for their believing in God. As a minor, she has to face many difficulties in life. But she isn’t afraid because God is with her …