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God’s Word Guides Our Way Ahead. A Commentary on Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

– Psalm 119:105

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

In our life, every day we’ll face lots of choices and sometimes we feel lost. When faced with these situations, don’t be afraid. The word of God is the light, which illuminates the darkness in front of us; the word of God is even the way, guiding us to move forward and embark on the right path. God’s words say, “If you are living within the sphere of God’s words, if you are living within the state required by God, then you belong to Him and His work will be performed on you; if you are not living within the sphere of God’s requirements but instead are living under Satan’s domain, then you are certainly living under Satan’s corruption. Only by living within God’s words and giving your heart to Him, can you meet His requirements; you must do as God says, you must make God’s words the foundation of your existence and the reality of your life, and only then will you belong to God. If you sincerely practice in accordance with God’s will, He will perform work on you and then you will live under God’s blessings, live in the light of God’s countenance, grasp the work that the Holy Spirit performs, as well as feel the joy of God’s presence.” As brothers and sisters have had such experiences, we can see that as long as we live and act by God’s words, the problems we face can be solved and we have embarked on the bright path of life. I’d like to share with you their testimonies in different circumstances:

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2. My Hatred Toward My Neighbor Crushed

3. Let Go of Your Status and Become a Happy Mother


Depending on God

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