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Hebrews 13:2 -Entertain Strangers

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

– Hebrews 13:2

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse reminds me of the deeds of Lot, who entertained angels and was saved by God. Lot lived in Sodom, an evil and corrupt city where no one truly worshipped God. Although his flesh was satisfied with material enjoyments, he felt very depressed. When he sat at the gate of the city, he saw the messengers of God and took them to his house. Later, the men of Sodom compassed his house round and forced him to hand the two messengers over. In order to protect them, Lot would like to exchange his two daughters. Because of his good deeds, Lot was saved out of Sodom by the messengers and not ruined by God.

God’s words say, “Did Lot know these two messengers of God? Of course not! But why was he able to save these two people? Did he know what they had come to do? Although he was unaware of their reason for coming, he did know that they were God’s servants, and so he received them. That he could call these servants of God lords shows that Lot was usually a follower of God, unlike the others inside Sodom. Therefore, when God’s messengers came to him, he risked his own life to receive these two servants; furthermore, he also exchanged his two daughters in order to protect these two servants. This is Lot’s righteous deed; it is also a tangible expression of Lot’s nature and substance, and it is also the reason God sent His servants to save Lot. When faced with peril, Lot protected these two servants without regard for anything else; he even attempted to trade his two daughters in exchange for the servants’ safety. Other than Lot, was there anyone else inside the city who could have done something like this? As the facts prove—no! Therefore, it goes without saying that everyone inside Sodom, save for Lot, was a target for destruction as well as a target that deserved destruction.

Entertaining strangers is a virtue of Christians and a good deed that God commemorates. Lot entertained two angels and was saved by God when God was about to destroy Sodom. It is the last days that the Lord comes again, when someone tells us the news of the Lord’s coming back, are we able to receive messengers as Lot? This is directly connected to whether or not we can meet the Lord when He returns and be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

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Hebrews 13-2

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