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Proverbs 17:3 – Trials Are God’s Gifts

The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD tries the hearts.

– Proverbs 17:3

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Through this verse, we can see God’s earnest intentions in testing and refining us. Because we have sin within us including selfishness, greed and hatred, God will let us undergo some trails and refinements to purify us. Only by experiencing hardship can we become valuable vessels such as gold and silver, and gain Jesus’ praise.

The Bible recorded that Moses alone walked into the wilderness, where people thought none could survive, and lived there for forty years by relying on God. Hardships taught him to depend on God in all things so that his faith in God became ever greater. So, after he walked out of the wild and accepted what God entrusted to him, even faced with the hunting of Egyptian soldiers, he fearlessly led the Israelites out of Egypt by relying on God, and completed God’s commission.

Do not complain, sorrow or run away when you are in adversity, because trials are God’s gifts. Experiencing trials is just a good opportunity to temper our will. So no matter what difficulties we encounter in life, we should believe there is God’s permission and good will in them. God hopes we can learn to rely on Him in adversity. As long as we follow God’s leadership and obey the word of God, God will surely lead us to grow in hardships like leading Moses, until our humanity become mature and our lives become strong. Finally, there will be a day that we can bear witness for God’s actions and repay God’s salvation, thus we’ll have fulfilled our duty as creatures.


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Proverbs 17 3 - but the LORD tries the hearts - bible verse of the day

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