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“The Mystery of Godliness” Clip 6 – The Necessity for God to Do His Work Through Incarnation

Why is it said that it is more beneficial to saving corrupt mankind for God to incarnate? In what can the necessity and major significance of God incarnating be seen? Almighty God says, “The flesh of man has been corrupted by Satan, and most deeply blinded, and profoundly harmed. The most fundamental reason why God works personally in the flesh is because the object of His salvation is man, who is of the flesh, and because Satan also uses the flesh of man to disturb the work of God. The battle with Satan is actually the work of conquering man, and at the same time, man is also the object of God’s salvation. In this way, the work of God incarnate is essential. Satan corrupted the flesh of man, and man became the embodiment of Satan, and became the object to be defeated by God. In this way, the work of doing battle with Satan and saving mankind occurs on earth, and God must become human in order to do battle with Satan. This is work of the utmost practicality” (The Word Appears in the Flesh).

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