God’s Love Never Fails | Short Film “God Is My Reliance”

She was born into a Christian family. By God’s grace, her family loved each other and lived in harmony, and she felt very happy. However, in the year she turned 15, in order to escape being arrested and persecuted by the CCP government, her family was forced to scatter to different places and she . She stayed with their relatives. In 2002, through reading God’s word, she was certain that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus and accepted God’s end-time work. In 2008, she was arrested by the CCP government and was sentenced to two years in prison. Under the long time During the long period of overwork and being tortured and humiliated with different means in the women’s labor camp, she, unable to bear all this, tasted the selflessness and greatness of God’s love. God’s word made her weak heart become strong.…

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  1. Thank God! It’s God who leads us go through every dark journey in our life. It’s God’s words that make us know everything we encounter is meaningful! God is the source of righteousness.God arranges us to experience such an environment in order to let us discern what is right and what is evil. Even though we feel bitter sometimes, we still feel sweet after standing resounding testimonies.

  2. This is the fact of the inhuman ‪Chinese‬ Government! They would break into your house suddenly and arrest you without any reason, then torture you till death! However, as long as the sister came before God and relied on God, she would be surely inspired by God’s word and get strength from God to overcome all difficulties. How ‪‎faithful‬ God is!

  3. Every micro ‪‎movie‬ is very meaningful for us, as it is the real experience of brothers and sisters. In a hard time, by relying on God and being supported by God’s word, they overcome all the persecutions and tribulations. All the experiences will encourage us to stand ‪testimony for God‬ in the future.

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