Praise and Worship Hymn “Everything God Does for Man Is Sincere”

13072 |November 05, 2019

Everything God does is practical, and nothing He does is empty.
God comes among humans, humbling Himself to be an ordinary person.
He does not leave after simply doing a bit of work and speaking a few words;
rather, He actually comes among humans to experience the suffering of the world.
He pays the price of His own experience of suffering in exchange for a destination for humanity.
Is this not practical work?
Parents may pay an earnest price for the sake of their children, and this represents their sincerity.
In doing this, God incarnate is, of course, being most sincere and faithful to mankind.

The essence of God is faithful; He does what He says, and whatever He does is achieved.
Everything He does for humans is sincere. He does not simply make utterances;
when He says He will pay a price, He actually pays the price.
When He says He will undertake humanity’s suffering and suffer in their stead,
He actually comes to live amongst them,
feeling and experiencing this suffering personally.
After that, all things in the universe will acknowledge that everything God does is right and righteous,
that all God does is realistic:
This is a powerful piece of evidence.

Mankind will have a beautiful destination in the future, and all those who remain will praise God;
they will eulogize that God’s deeds were indeed done out of His love for humanity.
God’s essence of beauty and goodness can be seen in the significance of His incarnation in the flesh.
Whatever He does is sincere; whatever He says is earnest and faithful,
is earnest and faithful.
All the things He intends to do are done practically,
and He pays actual price for them; He does not simply make utterances.
Therefore, God is a righteous God; God is a faithful God.
from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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