You Should Imitate Peter

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You Should Imitate Peter

1. Whenever Peter is mentioned, everyone is full of praise. He was intelligent and gifted, intelligent and gifted. He believed that the heavens and the earth and all things were in the hand of the Almighty, and that all positive things originated from God and directly came from God without having been “processed” by Satan. With his parents serving as the setoff from the negative aspect, he better knew God’s lovingkindness and mercy, which even more stirred up his heart of seeking God. Not only did he pay attention to eating and drinking God’s word, but even more he paid attention to touching God’s will, and he was careful in heart at all times. He was always very sensitive in his spirit and could be after God’s heart in doing everything. He paid attention to referring to the lessons of the past failures to admonish himself, being fearful that he might fall into the net of failure.

2. He paid attention to drawing faith and love from people throughout the generations. He had put his everything in God’s hand, and even in eating, dressing, sleeping, and dwelling, he did not follow his own will, but enjoyed God’s riches on the basis of satisfying God. For many times God tried him and he was tortured to be half dead. In the hundreds of trials, he had never lost faith. Even when God said that God had discarded him, he was not discouraged or disappointed, and still loved God in a practical way according to his former principle of practice. When God told him that even if he loved God, God did not approve him, and God would throw him into Satan’s hand, in the trial of word in which nothing came upon his flesh, he still prayed to God.

3. O God! Is there any person, any thing, or any matter among the heavens and the earth and all things not in the hand of the Almighty? When you show mercy to me, I am greatly happy because of your mercy. When you carry out judgment on me, I, though unworthy of it, feel more deeply how profound your deeds are, because you are full of authority and wisdom. Although I suffer in the flesh, I am comforted in the spirit. How can I not utter praise for your wisdom and deeds from the bottom of my heart? Even if I die after I know you, am I not perfectly willing? O God! Are you really unwilling to let me see you? Am I really unworthy, unworthy of your judgment? Is there something in me that you hate to see?

4. In the trials, although Peter could not, could not touch God’s will accurately, it well shows that he took pride in and was proud of being used by God, and was not depressed because of being tried. Due to his faithfulness before God and due to God’s blessing for him, for him, he served as an exemplar and model for men. This is just what you should imitate. You should ponder much, should ponder much as to why, why God tells Peter’s story. This should be your principle of acting. Why, why God tells Peter’s story. This should be your principle of acting.

from “The Sixth Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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