Proverbs 18:22 – A Good Spouse Is the Lord’s Blessing

Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.

– Proverbs 18:22

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse shows us that whoever finds a good wife or husband obtains God’s grace and blessing. Every person wants such a happy marriage. But whether or not we can obtain is not a matter of individual choice. It depends on God’s ordination and His sovereignty.

God says, “Marriage is a key event in any person’s life; it is the time when one starts truly to assume various kinds of responsibilities, begins gradually to fulfill various kinds of missions. People harbor many illusions about marriage before they experience it themselves, and all these illusions are beautiful. Women imagine that their other halves will be Prince Charming, and men imagine that they will marry Snow White. These fantasies go to show that every person has certain requirements for marriage, their own set of demands and standards. Though in this evil age people are constantly bombarded with distorted messages about marriage, which create even more additional requirements and give people all sorts of baggage and strange attitudes, any person who has experienced marriage knows that no matter how one understands it, no matter what one’s attitude toward it is, marriage is not a matter of individual choice.” God’s words clearly tell us: Every person’s marriage is predestined by God and not a matter of individual choice. So we should come before God, entrust our other halves to Him, and obey His sovereignty and arrangements, for the other halves God arranges are perfect and blessed by Him.

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Proverbs 18-22


God’s Blessings

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