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Who Is to Blame for “My Life Planning”?

By Zhuiqiu

After I watched this video, a Taiwanese song “Childhood” occurred to me: “In the banyan trees beside the pond, the cicadas chirped unceasingly during the summer days. On the swings at the edge of the playground, there were only butterflies perching. … The childhood when we were looking forward to the end of the classes, to the end of the school day, and to playing games. …” In contrast to the opening scene of a suicide attempt in the video, the romantic childhood in this song, which should have been enjoyed by every child, seems to have become little more than a dream.

Death, hatred, money worship, the distortion of young spirits, the dark side of humanity: such are the words I thought of after watching the video. It is not uncommon in recent years to see cases where the children overwhelmed by academic pressure develop autism or even commit a suicide. However, this video, which reflects the present growth situation of the children in Hong Kong, displays more than their being stressed out or problematic parenting. The first child tried to kill himself as a result of the intense pressure from his parents, the second was fed up with study, the third did business at school, and the last actually showed off his long-term scheme to murder his parents before the other three, which was named My Life Planning, in order to retaliate against the harshness of his parents and inherit their property. Are all these astounding things supposed to be done by the children aged 8 or 9? The video was widely viewed on the day it was published and rippled across the web. This has to be said that it shows not a problem of Hong Kong children alone, but the prevailing growth situation and psychological problems of the children of this age. I cannot help but let out a sigh: What a terrifying thing it is for a child of 8 or 9 to tell a long-term murder plot against his parents in a tender voice! However, is the culprit of this tragedy really the pressure on the child exerted by his parents as we see with our own eyes? Who is to blame for My Life Planning?

When I was in China, I used to pick up my cousin from an elementary school. At the end of the day, standing at the school gate, I always saw that the children, like puppets controlled by their parents, expressionless, were headed to various gifted-and-talented classes in a rush with their parents. My cousin said that the gifted-and-talented programs included dance, music, art, calligraphy, Tae Kwon Do, Math Olympiad, and many others, the diversity of which made me surprised. At that time, I thought: The children are already overburdened with schoolwork. I often see some pupils, like long-distance travelers, use a rolling backpack instead of a backpack to go to and from school as they have to carry many books. It’s heartbreaking to look at it. I didn’t expect that they would still need to take various gifted-and-talented classes. I wonder if they really have so many hobbies. So, I asked my cousin whether his classmates all liked to attend those classes. He said with a sigh, “They’re forced! They can do nothing about it.” Later, I read news reports that some children chose to commit a suicide or even kill their parents under the heavy pressure of study from them. Now, when I saw this video, I sighed heartily once again: Children like my cousin who were born into Christian families won’t be compelled to take part in those so-called gifted-and-talented classes. They only need to do well in their schoolwork. Besides, they can believe in God and read His words, and enjoy a happy childhood they deserve as preteens. How fortunate they are in this era!

That’s right. These are the differences between a child growing up in a Christian family and one in a family of unbelievers. The parents, as Christians, understand the truth from God’s words and establish the values and outlooks on life in accord with God’s will. So, it is natural for them to convey God’s will to their children. They do not demand that their children stand out from the crowd or grow up to be famous. Conversely, they only wish the children to do their best both in their studies and lives and let everything take its natural course. Moreover, as far as the parents are concerned, their children should know above all that man was created by God, that man’s fate and future are ruled and controlled by God’s hand, and that man should worship God as long as they are alive…. In Christian families, such a relationship between the two generations is totally built upon the foundation of obedience to God’s sovereignty and arrangements. Then, how about those unbelieving people who live under the influence of Satan? The parents demand that their children change their own fates by study and thus continually put pressure on them, while the children develop rebellion at first and gradually hate their parents for depriving them of beautiful childhoods. Over time, the parents and children will become actual enemies despite their family ties in name. In fact, they will then become the tools exploited by Satan to harm each other. God says, “They lived under Satan’s control, corruption and deceit. They had lost their humanity; they had lost their senses, and they had lost man’s original goal of existence” (“God Himself, the Unique II” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh). “Satan destroys your mind, making you powerless to resist, meaning that very slowly your heart turns toward Satan in spite of yourself. It instills these things in you every day, every day using these ideas and cultures to influence and nurture you, very slowly ruining your will, making you not want to be a good person any longer, making you no longer wish to persevere standing up for what you call righteousness. … ‘Destruction’ means Satan torments people so much that they become like neither man nor ghost, then it seizes the opportunity to devour them” “Each one of these means that Satan employs to corrupt man can render man powerless to resist; any one of them can be fatal for people and leave them with no room to resist at all. In other words, anything Satan does and any means it employs can cause you to degenerate, can bring you under Satan’s control and can mire you in a quagmire of evil so that you cannot escape. These are the means Satan employs to corrupt man and they are extremely cruel, malicious, insidious and despicable. Everyone has personally tasted the bitterness of these means, so man’s heart can then hate Satan bitterly and resolve to rebel against this evil demon” (“God Himself, the Unique VI” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh).

From God’s words, we understand that Satan is the instigator of all evil, the root of all evil. It uses the heresies and fallacies, like “The worth of other pursuits is small, the study of books excels them all,” “My children are supposed to be the cream of the crop,” “Knowledge can change one’s fate,” to poison one generation after another, and makes them foster lofty ideals since childhood. As a result, man considers that they must rely on their studies and skills to change their fates if they are unwilling to be ordinary or fall behind. At the same time, they also inculcate their children with this. And the evil trend of changing your fate and building a beautiful home and a perfect life with your own two hands arises in the entire society, which gives birth to various gifted-and-talented programs that kill children’s natures. The estrangement worsens along with the growing expectation of the parents and the intensified rebellion of the children. The seed of world-weariness and hatred then is planted by Satan into the hearts of the children, and this finally leads to the constant tragedies of suicide and murder, just like the story in this video.

But then, how can we bring an end to such tragedies? We should come before God and receive His purification and salvation, and replace the fallacies and heresies Satan instills into us with the truth. Only when we gain the truth as life can we realize that man’s fate rests in the Creator’s palm, that parents cannot arrange the lives of their children, and that knowledge and skills can only maintain man’s daily life and in no way change man’s fate and destination. God loves man the most, and only God knows what man needs and can lead man based on his deficiencies. During the last days, the incarnate Almighty God expresses the words to judge and purify man according to the extent of his corruption, so that he can know the truth that he has been corrupted by Satan, and see clearly Satan’s poison of them as well as the bondage and control of Satan’s evil trends over them. After man has understood the truth, he will be able to break free from the dark influence of Satan, live by God’s word, restore normal humanity, and live out a life of meaning. Hence, the only way for man to have a good fate and genuinely love each other is that he should forsake the decadent life under the domain of Satan, return to the Creator’s side, and worship the true God; only in this way can he gain the blessing and care of God. Almighty God says, “the selfless love of God, which is the selfless love of all God bestows on man, and you will come to know that God’s holiness is unblemished and irreproachable. … when you come to comprehend the holiness of God, you can then really realize the true meaning of the words ‘God Himself, the Unique.’ You will no longer imagine that you can choose to walk other roads, and you will no longer be willing to betray everything that God has arranged for you. Because the essence of God is holy, that means that only through God can you walk the bright, right road through life; only through God can you know the meaning of life, only through God can you live out a real life, possess the truth, know the truth, and only through God can you obtain life from the truth. Only God Himself can help you shun evil and deliver you from the harm and control of Satan. Besides God, no one and nothing can save you from the sea of suffering so that you suffer no longer: This is determined by the essence of God. Only God Himself saves you so selflessly, only God is ultimately responsible for your future, for your destiny and for your life, and He arranges all things for you. This is something that nothing created or non-created can achieve. Because nothing created or non-created possesses an essence of God such as this, no person or thing has the ability to save you or to lead you. This is the importance of God’s essence to man” (“God Himself, the Unique VI” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh).

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