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The Word Is Mightier Than the Manifestation of Signs and Wonders

A lot of us believers in the Lord think that the Lord Jesus is the God who displays signs and wonders, and that He who does not do this is not God. So we believe that when we encounter disease or adversities, all we need to do is just pray to the Lord, and He will listen to us. However, when the main character in this story met with an adversity, no matter how hard she prayed to the Lord she received no answer. What’s the reason?

Li Chong

Minghui’s family are all Christians, and her mother-in-law is a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. They all persevere in attending meetings, spreading the gospel and supporting the weak brothers and sisters. However, in mid-May of 2010, something unexpected happened. Her husband was paralyzed from the chest down overnight. Afterward, he was hospitalized for nearly seven months, which cost the family almost three hundred thousand yuan. While he was in hospital, Minghui and her mother-in-law contacted brothers and sisters from different meeting locations in every place and asked them to pray for his recovery every day. Yet, his condition didn’t recover. In the end, the doctor could do nothing more but said to Minghui, “Your husband won’t get better for the rest of his life. Don’t waste money anymore….” Having no choice, the family could only take him home to receive medication treatment. Thereafter, Minghui made their home a meeting location and let brothers and sisters pray for her husband. Two years had passed, however, his condition didn’t show any improvement. The family sank into despair, and Minghui also felt puzzled: The Lord can show signs and wonders, and heal and cast out demons. But why hasn’t the Lord Jesus treated my husband…? Does the Lord really forsake us?

Just when the Minghui’s family thoroughly fell into despair, things changed. On one morning of January 2012, Sister Li, a friend of Minghui’s husband, spread the gospel of God’s work in the last days to them. Sister Li said seriously, “God has already come back. The Bible says: ‘These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes’ (Revelation 14:4), so if we don’t follow God’s footsteps when the Lord returns, no matter how we pray to Him, He will not listen. If we want to gain the Lord’s mercy, we must keep up with the footsteps of the Lamb. Only in this way can we obtain God’s protection.” Hearing these words, Minghui thought: What she says makes sense. Looking back over the years when my husband suffered from his illness, we called out to the Lord, but He didn’t heal my husband. Can it be that the Lord has really come back? Sister Li then said, “The work of God in the last days is to use His word to accomplish everything. Only through the word expressed by God can we come to understand His will, and come to know what He has and is, and His disposition.” Saying this, she took out a book from her bag, opened and read it, “Throughout the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to do His work and achieve the results of His work; He does not work wonders or perform miracles; He merely does His work through the word. Because of the word, man is nourished and supplied; because of the word, man gains knowledge and true experience” (“The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word”). As Minghui was listening, a doubt came to her mind: The Lord Jesus can perform miracles to make the lame walk and the death return. But this word she’s reading says that God just uses the word to do His work in the last days and performs no miracles. Can it be really the work of the true God?” While Minghui was immersed in suspicion, sister Li smiled and said, “God does a different work in each age. In the Age of Grace, God displayed the signs and wonders; when we believed in the Lord, fortune smiled upon our entire family. Each of us believers in the Lord enjoyed the endless graces and blessings from Him. In the Age of Kingdom, God has changed the way of His work. He uses His word to accomplish everything, rather than performing signs and wonders.” Upon hearing that, Minghui felt more suspicious, “The God who doesn’t show signs and wonders can’t possibly be the true God.” Because of suspicion, Minghui basically didn’t believe in what the sister was talking about.

Before leaving, sister Li took out the book The Scroll Opened by the Lamb and another gospel book, passing them to Minghui and said, “The words inside of this book are expressed by God when He comes to work in the last days. After you read them, you will understand all of this.” After Sister Li left, Minghui put the two books casually on the TV set. In the days after that, she still held firm to the name of the Lord Jesus and prayed with tears for her husband as usual. Every Friday morning, Sister Li came to her house to read God’s word and fellowship God’s will to her. For the sake of saving face, Minghui didn’t say anything, but she never listened to what the sister fellowshiped; instead, she was either snoozing or doing the housework during meetings. One day when her mother-in-law came into her bedroom to send meal, she noticed the books of the word of God on the TV set. She asked with a sulky look, “Where do you get the books?” Minghui spoke out the things that sister Li spread the gospel to her. After hearing that, her mother-in-law said severely, “Our family are the followers of the Lord till death. We can never change our belief mindlessly.” Minghui listened and said, “I’ll give back these books to her next time and tell her not to come again.”

A few days later, Sister Li came to Minghui’s house and fellowshiped God’s will to her, but she was uninterested in it. When sister Li was going to leave, Minghui passed her the books and said, “You’d better take them away. I can’t take in any word within them. And you needn’t come again.” Sister Li looked at Minghui and said sincerely, “Sister, these words are God’s utterances. You’d better keep it and read it carefully.” Somehow, at that moment, Minghui was unwilling to return the books. She thought: I might as well keep one…. Just when she was thinking like that, the sister continued, “Sister, please take one!” Upon hearing that, Minghui took the book The Scroll Opened by the Lamb from her hands.

One day after super, Minghui turned on the TV and watched the news network show. Her nine-year-old son held the book “The Scroll Opened by the Lamb” and handed it to her, saying, “Mom, this is God’s word. There are Adam and Eve, and the life of the Garden of Eden in it. Look at it quickly!” Son’s word gave Minghui a shock and she suddenly remembered the word of the Lord, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you” (Luke 11:9). She thought to herself: I can make it clear whether Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus or not after I personally investigate, can’t I? If Almighty God is really the return of the Lord Jesus, then won’t I miss my opportunity? Thinking of that, Minghui got up to turn off the TV, sat down to open the Preface to God’s word and started to read it carefully, “You may have opened this book for the purpose of research, or with the intention to accept; whatever your attitude, I hope that you will read it to the end, and will not put it aside easily. Perhaps, after reading these words, your attitude will change, but that depends on how motivated you are, and how easily you take things to heart.” She read the Preface in one sitting. And then she turned to a passage of God’s word “The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word”, in which it says, “In the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to usher in a new age, to change the means of His work, and to do the work for the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word. He became flesh to speak from different perspectives, enabling man to truly see God, who is the Word appearing in the flesh, and His wisdom and wonder. Such work is done to better achieve the goals of conquering man, perfecting man, and eliminating man. This is the true meaning of using the word to work in the Age of Word. … Man has seen the word, heard the word, and become aware of the existence of the word. As a result, man believes in the existence of God; man believes the almightiness and wisdom of God, as well as God’s heart of love for man and His desire to save man. Though the word “word” is simple and ordinary, the word from the mouth of God become flesh shakes the entire universe; His word transforms the heart of man, the notions and the old disposition of man, and the old appearance of the entire world. … These words and this work are all for the sake of man’s salvation, achieving God’s will, and changing the original appearance of the world of old creation. God created the world with the word, leads men throughout the universe with the word, conquers and saves them with the word. Finally, He shall use the word to bring the entire world of old to an end. Only then is the management plan wholly complete” (“The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word”). After reading these words, Minghui gained a little light. She found that this book is really extraordinary, that the words inside of it contain authority and power, and that no famous or great man can ever speak them. While she was contemplating these words, she thought of the fact: When God created the heavens and earth and all things in the beginning, He accomplished it with His word—a single word; when Jehovah God worked through Moses, it was also through God’s word that Moses issued the law for God’s followers to put into practice and whoever violated the law would be burned by heavenly fires or stoned to death; when the Lord Jesus set His commandments for man to keep, He did it through His word too. And when Minghui thought of the fact that the signs of the last days which Jesus spoke in the Bible were fulfilled one by one, she came to know something about God’s work of word in the last days. And when she was willing to investigate further God’s work in the last days, she felt a shred of comfort deep in her heart; so she knelt down in front of God to pray, “Oh Lord! I don’t know whether You have come back. If You really return, Oh Lord, I will follow Your footsteps no matter whether You work with Your word or display signs and wonders. Oh Lord, may You guide me. Tomorrow is Friday, if the sister comes again, I will definitely listen to her fellowship.”

The next day, Sister Li came. Minghui spoke to her from the heart. Sister Li was very glad and opened God’s word to read for Minghui, “Today, it should be clear to all of you that, in the last days, it is principally the fact of “the Word becomes flesh” that is accomplished by God. Through His actual work on earth, He causes man to know Him, and to engage with Him, and to see His actual deeds. He causes man to clearly see that He is able to display signs and wonders and there are also times when He is unable to do so, and this is dependent on the age. From this you can see that God is not incapable of displaying signs and wonders, but instead changes His working according to His work, and according to the age. In the current stage of work, He does not show signs and wonders; that He showed some signs and wonders in the age of Jesus was because His work in that age was different. God does not do that work today, and some people believe Him incapable of displaying signs and wonders, or else they think that if He does not display signs and wonders, then He is not God. Is that not a fallacy? God is able to display signs and wonders, but He is working in a different age, and so He does not do such work. Because this is a different age, and because this is a different stage of God’s work, the deeds made plain by God are also different. Man’s belief in God is not the belief in signs and wonders, nor the belief in miracles, but the belief in His real work during the new age” (“Knowing God’s Work Today”). “If, during the last days, God still displayed signs and wonders, and still cast out demons and healed—if He did exactly the same as Jesus—then God would be repeating the same work, and the work of Jesus would have no significance or value. Thus, God carries out one stage of work in every age. Once each stage of His work has been completed, it is soon imitated by evil spirits, and after Satan begins to follow on the heels of God, God changes to a different method; once God has completed a stage of His work, it is imitated by evil spirits. You must be clear about these things” (“Knowing God’s Work Today”). “And so, during the last days, when God becomes flesh, He principally uses the word to accomplish all and make all plain. Only in His words can you see what He is; only in His words can you see that He is God Himself. When God incarnate comes to earth, He does no other work but the speaking of words—thus there is no need for facts; words suffice. That is because He has principally come to do this work, to allow man to behold His power and supremacy in His words, to allow man to see in His words how He humbly hides Himself, and to allow man to know His entirety in His words. All that He has and is are in His words, His wisdom and wondrousness are in His words … God causes man to gain life from His words, and this is the greatest of all signs, and even more so, it is an undisputable fact. This is the best evidence through which to have knowledge of God, and is an even greater sign than signs. Only these words can make man perfect” (“All Is Achieved by the Word of God”). After reading God’s word, Sister Li began to fellowship, “This incarnation of God mainly uses the word to perfect man. Through the word, we witness God’s supremacy as well as almightiness and wisdom; through the word, we come to know God’s disposition as well as authority and power so that we can understand God’s eager desire to save man; through the word, we receive God’s guidance, enlightenment and leadership; through the word, we understand how Satan corrupts man, and how God saves man; through the word, God perfects and eliminates man and separates them according to kind. In short, the work of God in the last days is to use the word to accomplish everything. If we are unable to enter into the Age of Word, then the Holy Spirit has no way of working in us, and thus we are unable to receive the Holy Spirit’s work. Why do those who don’t follow the work of God in the last days live in darkness, with no way out? The very reason is that they haven’t followed God’s work of word today. The main work of the Lord Jesus was that of redeeming all mankind through crucifixion. As for performing signs and wonders, it was just an additional work by which God brought men under the Law into the new work. It can be seen that the signs and wonders can’t accomplish the work of God. So, the view that “the God who doesn’t display signs and wonders is not God” is preposterous. Besides, God’s work is always new; He never repeats His work. This time, if God comes to display signs and wonders again, just like the Lord Jesus did, then the work of God would be repeated and have no significance. So, in the last days, God does the work of the word and use it to accomplish everything.” Listening to sister Li’s fellowship, Minghui understood better God’s will why He doesn’t display signs and wonders in the last days, and that what it truly means that all is achieved by the word of God….

From then on, Minghui formally accepted God’s new work. She read God’s word every day and entrusted her husband’s illness to God’s hands. Unwittingly, his condition had gradually improved from being able to sit up to being able to get slowly out of bed and sit in a wheelchair.

During Minghui’s real experiences, she appreciated that the word of God is far mightier than the manifestation of signs and wonders, and that the authority of God’s word is beyond the reach of any created being. Later, she started to perform her duty as a creature of God.

All glory be to Almighty God!

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